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Andrew is from Liverpool, so joining a band and dropping out of college back then was somewhat a foregone conclusion for a rock guitarist. A professional musician since the early 80’s, Andrew has worked with projects on RCA, Columbia, Sony and EMI records and played on many session gigs throughout the '80s and '90s. Highlights include international stadium touring as opener for the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Richard Marx (oh, the hair…), Don Henley, Tina Turner and several other A-list tours around the world.

Forced to quit guitar for over 10 years after a serious left hand injury, he then produced, managed, tour managed, guitar tech-ed and audio engineered for a living until he could get his hand to work again after several years of surgery and rehab. This highly traumatic injury for a guitarist and the long fight back to functionality has equipped him with resilience and skills that he would not otherwise have had - the silver lining if you will...

After meeting his wife Abigail Zsiga, a songwriter and recording artist, the couple moved to the USA in 1998 to pursue Abigail's club music career. Originally planning for an 18 months stay, their "visit" ended up a total of 19 years. He lived in California and Connecticut, managing, producing and touring with Abigail and other bands and artists. Andrew was also "poached" by several US acts, mainly in the underground circuit, for session guitar and bass work, joining a rich community of musicians in New Haven, CT and the North East of the United States.

During this time Andrew was invited to help develop a fledgling Connecticut charity using his and the founders' collective musical contacts and platforms. The organisation, Love146, exists to combat Child Trafficking and Exploitation  and, after 15 successful years, the organisation is now active on 4 continents (including in the UK). Andrew has held many roles for the charity over the 15 years, and now having returned to England he currently holds the role of Development Manager for Love146 in the UK.

Andrew and Abigail moved back to the UK in 2017 to reconnect with family and begin to pursue a relaunch of their musical careers in their homeland. After a warm welcome in St. Albans by a rich local music community, Andrew and Abigail are performing together again as “Life’s A Gas” and working with the locals on some great music projects, most recently in Andrew's case, playing guitar for Petty Criminals.  He met Nigel Minchin (playing the Tom Petty role) in a St. Albans guitar shop and was asked to play the part of Mike Campbell in Petty Criminals. Although he could not be described as a die-hard fan, Andrew has rapidly grown to love Tom’s music and appreciate the man greatly. Playing Mike Campbell’s lead guitar parts is a real treat.

He is also keen to continue his ability to "Dep" at a moment's notice" and is happy to jump in for any playing, bass or guitar, that is needed, being able to draw on decades of experience to get the job done quickly, accurately and with some degree of flair!

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Address: 87 Abbots Park
Mobile: 07487645083
Fee (60 minutes): £50.00

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