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Professional player since 1981. I was a founder member of the original Palm Court Jazz, and played with them until the late 1980s. Since then numerous rock and pop bands, trad bands, swing bands.<br />
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Music teacher at Daisy Sinclair's music school in east Dulwich London SE22 for the second half of the 90s.<br />
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Founder member of LETSwing since 1997. This band is still working - mostly for Music in Hospitals but also the occasional corporate function.<br />
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During the 90s I worked for a while with Albert Lamb, who writes plays, draws cartoons and sometimes has an article in The New Yorker. This work was interpreting Al's compositions that he was at that stage playing truly by ear (that is, he didn't even know what the chords were) into something that we could all manage, and playing saxophone in two different shows. It was most enjoyable.<br />
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I have recently started doing quiet 'jamming sessions' whose rules are that anyone can join in (all levels), we play quietly, listen to each other, respect others in the group, play other people's music even if we don't like it (because they will play ours), and enjoy ourselves. We put a large chord sequence up on a flipchart easel and all play from the one sheet, stopping from time to time to discuss whatever went wrong (if it did). The principle that even if you can only play one note it will still be valid if you put in in the right place seems easily understood. More notes can be learned later. This has been one of the most popular things I have ever done with other players, and I almost always join in myself. Two good music-writers have materialised out of these sessions.

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Address: Near Herne Hill, Peckham, Camberwell and Dulwich
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Phone: 0207 737 2655

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