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Mr Luke Yates
Tim Date: October 2014
I approached Luke about singing lessons when he was managing the Source Cafe, in Carlisle. As a 45 year old who felt he had little talent this was a bit nerve racking and some what throwing caution to the wind. I had anticipated feeling foolish, and that it was all going to end very quickly - but this could not have been further from the truth. Luke helped me find the range most suited for my voice, taught me warm up/technique building exercises (which I still use), explained the theory of music to me and then let me choose my own style of songs to sing eventually giving me the confidence to sing with him on open mike nights at The Source. Although there were times when I thought I was struggling he never made feel I couldn't do it, and always pushed me to believe I could, his attitude was always positive, friendly and warm. Luke also took the time to record some of our sessions and offered to even make a professional recording for me of one of the songs we'd learned. I really enjoyed the recording, despite the fact that he sometimes asked me to do the vocals, again and again, 'till he was happy that all the notes, and that the melody was correct, and that I was sounding my best, a true perfectionist. On occasions I would bring my guitar, and he would pass on his guitar skills too, had he not left Carlisle I would still be happy to continue lessons and be receiving applause for his efforts on open mike nights at the Cafe. I try to write my own songs and record at home, and this is purely because Luke Yates gave me the confidence to give it a go and his "yes you can" attitude enjoyable lessons every time. I wish him every success.
Sean Date: October 2014
I have only been having my lessons for a few weeks, but have already noticed an improvement in my voice. Luke's lessons are tailored to suit your individual skill level, and are very relaxed and enjoyable. I have a very high pressure job, and have found that not only have my lessons boosted my confidence, they are also a very good way to relax after a stressful week.
Dominic Date: October 2014
Hi Luke, Your lessons are very different from the way I have been taught before as you grasp very quickly what I need to learn and develop in my voice. You also explain everything so I understand it, not like a lot of teachers who complicate everything too much overall I would say your lessons are creative, spontaneous and really well planned and are key to developing my voice.
Barry Date: May 2015
I have always been able to "hold a tune", but really wanted to try and improve the quality and range in my voice. A friend of mine highly recommended Luke. I contacted Luke and explained what I wanted to achieve, and in half a dozen lessons, my vocals have not only improved considerably, but through Luke's tuition, my control and confidence has grown and my live performances have simply been much better. Not only is Luke an outstanding vocalist, pianist and guitarist, he is a brilliant teacher. He knows his stuff, and he knows how to deliver a lesson. His research into his subject is second to none, and this enables his lessons to be effective and pertinent to his pupil, as well as delivering value for money, and making the lessons enjoyable. I recently had the great pleasure to perform live with Luke, it was an honour and a privilege . I can only say "thank you"

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