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Miss Lily Evangeline Scott BA Hons, MMus
Miss Lily Evangeline Scott BA Hons, MMus
Tots & Karen Date: March 2019
Lily has been a great influence and teacher to our daughter, as she prepares her for auditions and ABRSM Singing in Musical Theatre. She has developed self-confidence in her singing ability and Chelsy always enjoys and looks forward to her lessons with Lily.
Lee Date: March 2019
My 14 year old daughter has been having singing lessons with Lily for close to a year and her confidence has grown so much since she began. She passed her RSL Grade 4 Singing exam (with a high Merit) and they are now beginning to work on her Grade 5 in preparation for her GCSE exams. Lily is friendly, patient and really interested in my daughterís progress. Most importantly, my daughter loves singing with Lily and comes home from every lesson really happy and full of energy.
Amy Date: August 2019
My experience so far with Lily as my singing teacher the past 8 months has been absolutely fantastic. Each lesson is something I look forward to immensely. She is exceptionally receptive to me as a musician, and provides an excellent, well rounded, tailored education to improve and achieve personal goals. I have always felt completely assured in the support she provides. She is an incredibly warm, bright and helpful person and is so consistent with every single lesson.
Nicola Date: August 2019
Before I had started with Lily, my breath control was almost non-existent and I struggled with my confidence in singing. Lily guides me with my understanding of a piece of music and gives me reassurance and help on areas I see as daunting, like sight-reading. Over the last 6 months, Lily has not only helped in the growth of my abilities but has become a friendly face to share my passion with every week.
Catherine Date: January 2020
My daughter started singing lessons with Lily in October 2018 and has quickly progressed into a confident singer who always enjoys her lessons and is even keen to sing solos at school. Lily is a very enthusiastic, encouraging teacher who inspires her pupils with a love of music and singing in particular. Her lessons are always well structured to get the most out of the time available.
Poppy Date: January 2018
Lily is very good at singing and is really nice. She picks some really good songs and makes sure that I understand the tune. She has a studio at the bottom of the garden and itís snuggly in winter. Itís loads of fun to learn in there.
Caroline Date: January 2018
Firstly I feel really lucky to have found Lily. I recently went back to Singing and found I had really lost my confidence. After trying group lessons which was really fun, but it wasnít really helping me panic less about singing on my own in front of people plus my breathing was all over the place and my technical knowledge limited and itís hard to get much one to one time in group classes. I just knew I wanted to sing and have the confidence to do so in front of others. Iíve been having lessons with Lily for a while and all I can say is she is amazing. I love my lessons with her and look forward to it every week. She has a bright and caring personality so every lesson is so much fun. Sheís helped me with my breathing which has already made so much difference when I am singing and taught me the technical stuff that is actually useful to learn and put into practice. I can already see a difference which is really encouraging. Most importantly sheís empowered me with the confidence and belief in myself that I can sing and I shouldnít be afraid to tackle songs that I used to think Iíd never be able to do. Iím excited for all the things I still have to learn as Iím sure I still have a long way to go but all I can say is everyone needs a Lily Scott in their Singing life.
Seyi Date: February 2018
Iíve been taking singing lessons with Lily for three months now, and have felt a great improvement in my competence and confidence. Lily is very enthusiastic in her lessons, knowledgeable, and is receptive to feedback about the lessons and what I would like to focus on. She is open to suggestions about particular songs I would like to work on, but is also very good at picking out alternatives that would be a good match for my voice. She is patient in her explanations, and direct but encouraging when pointing out mistakes. Iíve felt a marked improvement since Iíve started and have grown in confidence and understanding on how to use my voice. I can honestly say I always leave our lessons feeling energised and eager to improve.
Mrs Mahesh Date: February 2018
Lily is an amazing singer and teacher . It's just been couple of months since my 11 yr old started singing with Lily and already I can see the improvement in her voice quality and range . Lily is very talented teacher , makes her student comfortable and there is no pressure . My daughter just loves the songs that Lily picks for her . She can bring out of the best singing from her students . I strongly recommend Lily for anyone .
Isabella Date: April 2018
I just wanted to thank you for your work with me, you have really helped me a lot with my singing. Thank you for being so patient and understanding - you keep encouraging me to keep going until I achieve my best singing. I feel like I am growing in confidence every week and improving on my technique and musicianship skills. Your personality and way of teaching is fantastic.
Mia, age 8 Date: April 2018
Lily is kind, patient and very encouraging with me. I love my singing and piano lessons with Lily and look forward to them every week!
Jen Date: April 2018
Lily is an warm, supportive and highly talented teacher who very much loves what she does, because of this my lessons are always a joy to attend. Lilyís teachings have been invaluable in giving me the courage to broaden my vocal ability and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing advice on how to use their instrument properly.
Philippa Date: July 2018
Having not sung for 14 years, Lily has not only given me more confidence, she gives me invaluable technical skills. On top of that she is a genuine, lovely person. I look forward to each lesson, and come out on a high each time!
Lisa Date: July 2018
Lily has been an inspiration to our 6-year-old daughter, who looks forward to singing with Lily every week in her studio. Lilyís sensitive, personable and attuned approach, and ability to share her knowledge, passion and singing skills in an age appropriate way has encouraged our daughterís own passion for singing, this has provided our daughter with a therapeutic outlet and has boosted her confidence. Our daughter has only been attending singing tutorials for a few weeks but already we can see what invaluable role model Lily will be for our daughter. I highly recommend Lily as a teacher for all ages
Richie Date: July 2018
Having not sung properly for the best part of 6 years I was totally unaware of what would happen at my first lesson with Lily. However she managed to make me feel immediately at ease which was key to a beneficial session. Lily has a great ear and attention to detail and has very quickly identified the strengths and weaknesses associated with my voice - and the many bad habits - and has started to introduce new techniques into our sessions that have allowed me to explore different areas of my vocal range. Her sessions are relaxed and engaging - though hard work - and she encourages me to be brave with my song choices which is really refreshing. I have no issue with recommending her as a singing teacher.
Rachel Date: October 2018
Lily is a ray of sunshine. Skilled, knowledgeable, approachable and earnestly committed to making sure I am always getting the best out of my voice. She's the reason for my singing success (I now have an Agent and am much more successful in auditions) and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
India Date: October 2018
It's taken me a while to find a teacher that I "click" with, but I knew from the minute my first lesson finished with Lily that I'd found an amazing teacher. She is the loveliest, warmest and most genuine person, immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in myself and has helped me grow into a technically secure singer and performer, while also improving my musicianship skills significantly. We work at a good pace and I am constantly learning and bettering myself.
Gill Date: January 2018
My daughter has been having lessons with Lily for a few months and loves it. Lily builds her confidence by always being so encouraging and positive, and there is never any pressure. She is gradually introducing technique little by little, while singing songs that my daughter knows from her favourite films and musicals. I would highly recommend Lily, even for very young children and especially for those whose confidence needs a bit of a helping hand.
Amelia Date: January 2018
Lily is just fantastic. The change in my daughter's voice as a result of her equally diligent and dynamic teaching style has been amazing to see. Lily is such a versatile singer and great musician herself and inspires my daughter to practise hard and challenge herself. I've never heard my daughter sing as well as she does now, she raves all week long about how much she loves singing - Lily is a gem, I'm so impressed and so happy we've found her and I can't recommend her highly enough.
Anna Date: August 2017
Thank you Lily for finding my singing voice! I had struggled to find a teacher before you who could help me find the repertoire that I could sing the best. Now I have fallen in love with Jazz songs and I could not be happier coming to my lessons. I love discussing jazz and musical theatre with you as well as working to improve my technique and vocal stamina and health, and I am determined to progress in my singing and take the next step - my Grade 6! Singing really is so good for the soul and I could not recommend Lily more.
Sammy Date: October 2017
Lily is an amazing teacher, she is so fun to be around. She helps me with my technique, and also helps me to be the best performer I can be. She is so relaxing, and has built up my confidence in a short space of time. I love having my weekly singing lesson and highly recommend Lily.
Carla Date: October 2017
It is a joy to listen to my 11 year old's singing lessons with Lily. My daughter has only had a few lessons so far but the confidence she has gained in her singing and Lily's impressive ability to gently coax out the best of her voice has been wonderful to witness. A talented singer yet an equally gifted teacher - she is a great find.
Ms Marzetti Date: August 2017
Our daughter started lessons in January 2017 with Lily and we have been amazed at how her singing and confidence has grown ever since. Shanay enjoys every lesson. I feel Lily always ensures the lessons reflect Shanay's personality and character. Shanay likes musical theatre, jazz and melodic pop music. Lily has not only helped to strengthen Shanay's singing voice, but she really understands how to produce and maintain the best sound through a series of warm ups and by learning lots of new songs every month, ensuring that a healthy technique is used. Lily is very conscientious and so encouraging. We are delighted with Shanay's progress so far and extremely proud of the confidence she has gained. Thank you, Lily!
Amy Louise Date: August 2017
I have been having lessons with Lily for the 2 years and I am now getting ready for my ARSM Diploma in Singing. Lily's teaching is excellent and I have made amazing progress with her. I am a classical soprano and Lily has been teaching me how to sing with a strong technique, and especially helps me with breathing, control and support to secure the high notes in my range, something I had found hard before I met Lily. She always chooses repertoire that I suit, from classical to musical theatre to traditional/folk songs. We have a brilliant teacher/student bond and I now feel confident enough to look forward to the exam! I would not be where I am now without Lily's fabulous teaching and dedication.
Mr James Date: August 2017
Lily is an amazing singer and teacher. She has brilliant technical skill and never fails to nurture my children's passion for singing which was so important to me when I was searching for a teacher. She teaches a range of styles diligently and always accommodates to what my children need, yet still pushes them to achieve their best every lesson. She is an all-round remarkable young woman who is an excellent role model in many ways. We all love coming to see Lily every week and I especially love the smile she secures on my children's faces.
Mrs. Claire Date: July 2017
My 7 year-old son is a complete beginner has recently started learning piano with Lily. She is enthusiastic and friendly and knows just how to explain complex ideas with him in a way he understands. He looks forward to his lessons and is eager to continue, which I'm sure is in no small part due to having Lily as his teacher.
Mr. Shaw Date: July 2017
I think Lily is an excellent singing teacher. Lily has taught my 8-year-old daughter for 1 year and during this period my daughter has made great progress. Lily has a great manner with young children and has been great connecting with my daughter and providing a very enthusiastic atmosphere for learning. My daughter has made great progress with Lily and now possesses a technical approach to singing and her confidence has grown rapidly. Whenever my daughter has singing lessons with Lily, she thoroughly enjoys her lessons. I can only but highly recommend Lily as an excellent singing teacher and possessing a great manner!
Ms Ayres Date: June 2017
My daughter has been having lessons with Lily for a few months now. My daughter is 6 years old and her concentration is limited and she is very inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. Lily is very patient and encouraging and she has a lovely manner. The lessons are fun and Lily really knows how to communicate effectively with my daughter - who thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to her lessons. My daughter has a half an hour lesson each week which is perfect for her at the moment and it's great to have this option. I'm surprised at how much my daughter has learnt and progressed over the short period. I'm very happy that I found Lily and I highly recommend her.
Mr Sanchez Date: July 2017
Lily is a wonderful natural pedagogue. She has been teaching the piano to our 3 year old Tara for a few months. Lily has been very flexible, both in terms of schedule as well as to her teaching approach, to ensure my daughter makes the most of the lessons as well as she enjoys them. My daughter Tara is always looking forward to her next piano lesson and I am pretty confident that is the direct result of Lily's great work! I would not hesitate to recommend Lily.
Mrs. Gray Date: June 2017
"My six year old daughter has been learning with Lily for the last few months. My daughter being six, is a complete beginner and Lily happily and enthusiastically took her under her wing and has been encouraging her to sing and play piano. This is in contrast to some who said six was too young. It is a credit to Lily that she can take such young students and teach them how to sing and play in such a fun, warm and encouraging environment yet still making sure they are establishing the basic principles. Thank you Lily!"

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