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Mr Rob Digweed
Mr Rob Digweed
Oli Date: January 2012
"Thanks for being such a good teacher, and being so patient! Cheers Rob"
Tony Date: January 2012
"Thank you for another year of great teaching. Oli always enjoys your lessons"
Tina Date: August 2013
Eleanor really looks forward to and very much enjoys her lesson. She has learned more in a few weeks with you than she did in 2 terms with her previous teacher. She enjoys your style and method of teaching.
Steve Date: September 2013
I began taking lessons with Robert as an older student. Learning to play saxophone was a "retirement project" and something I had wanted to do for years, even though I originally knew little about it. I have found Robert's flexible teaching approach coupled with academic rigour to be really very helpful; he is always encouraging and patient, even when I am making mistakes. He also explains things clearly, which is essential. After nearly two years I am enjoying playing sax, I have discovered a new world in jazz saxophone, and I am making progress in this new adventure. I would recommend Robert to anyone.
Russell Date: September 2014
I started to learn the saxophone with Rob about 4 years ago, you could say I was a bit of a late starter (well into my seventies), but I have really found Rob's teaching great. He is very patient (I am a slow learner) but he is full of praise for my efforts and moves me along to new music quickly. I recommend Rob as a music teacher to everyone who wants to learn an instrument.

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