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I have been playing the violin since the age of four and I can honestly say that nothing I have ever attempted has been more challenging. As a child school work came (relatively) easily to me, I applied the simple formula that work (revision) equalled good results and this worked every time. Not so for the violin. In my sixteen years of playing, there have been several occasions where practice was so painful (mentally), that throwing in the towel seemed undoubtedly the best option. If it had not been for my mother insisting I carried on until the age of sixteen (through countless tantrums of mine) I would most probably have given up. However, the joy that listening to good music brought me as well as those occasional (though increasingly more frequent) bursts of improvement really far outweighed the frustrating aspects of practice. The thought that as a young adolescent I came so close to giving up haunts me to this day as playing the violin has brought me indescribable happiness. The discipline of daily practise though (still) extremely difficult at times, has improved the quality of countless aspects of my life, teaching me patience, efficiency and focus (qualities invaluable to me when it came to taking academic exams). The best advice I can give therefore is to persevere through the terrible, seemingly unrewarding beginners stage. Try to practise often (even if its only 10 minutes a day to begin with), and properly (this is very important) to help establish a good basic technique. If you can honestly say to yourself that you have practised consistently, watched yourself improve and yielded no personal reward from it (patience, satisfaction, happiness) then maybe it is not for you. But don't be too hasty to give up!

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