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Miss Mireia Carbonell Gonzàlez
Miss Mireia Carbonell Gonzàlez
Martyn Sloman Date: May 2020
Hi, Mireia arranged a video online lesson for me last week. I have been playing bass for a few years now. I consider myself to be an intermediate player. She very quickly identified some things that would help me, some exercises and some simple theory which would help me to understand the fret board a bit easier than I do, and also to learn songs more quickly, which is something that I really wanted to achieve. And in the process of the lesson, she spotted some bad fingering habits that I'd got into and was able to give me some exercises to work on that too. So, it was phenomenal value. I highly recommend that you get in touch with Mireia for a lesson to improve your bass playing no matter what level you're at.
Pau Baiget Date: May 2020
I've been struggling to advance on my bass guitar playing for the past years. Unstructured practice, unclear next steps, and frustration. I've been doing classes with Mireia for a few months now and I have massively improved my technique and I feel i'm making great progress: She identified several flaws in my way of playing and we started from scratch, proper hand positioning, proper posture. It takes some time but it's really worth the effort. She gives me great feedback and is able to provide the very next exercise that will let me improve technique and style. She combines pure technique exercises with songs, which makes practice much more fun. Mireia also knows lots of music styles so you can learn your preferred style with her (e.g. i'm into slap, jazz, and flamenco).
Denver Angadol Date: August 2020
I just did a lesson with Mireia. We've been learning the basic use of chord patterns and harmonies and it was a great experience. Very informative
Edrian Bacares Date: August 2020
Maestra Mireia taught me regarding my struggles on playing Bass, she shared some of useful techniques on fretting hand and basic note chart to play with. As a beginner bass player, those tips and techniques are very useful,l even we had a limited time, this information is very useful and i will use it as an exercise. Thank you very much Maestra!
David Andrei Date: August 2020
Mireia observed my current way of approaching a bass line or solo and offered ways of looking at it differently. Specifically, we used the So What jazz standard to practice Dorian mode and walking bass. We identified areas of progress and explored new ways of approaching scales and soloing

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