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Mr Andy Goldsmith
Dan Date: January 2017
At Harrogate Grammar, when I was a student for GCSE Music, he brought an injection of fresh enthusiasm to the department that was arguably much needed at the time. He always made music lessons fun and brought rhythm into lessons through piano on a consistent basis keeping us on our toes musically. He was always friendly, polite, enthusiastic and open to new ideas and his contribution in helping to bring more musical theater to the school in later years was a good idea with the Drama department. He was also a key developer in shaping important musical careers in graduation from the school and not all through the stereotype traditional band ensemble route. I am sure that I speak for everyone that he was one of the most popular teachers at HGS and wish him all the best in his new role and for the future.
Rosie Date: January 2017
I was lucky enough to have Andy as my music teacher at Harrogate Grammar School. He has the most incredible sense of flair, enthusiasm, and passion which gave us all a huge amount of confidence. Being a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Andy really made us all love his subject. Exactly what want from a teacher - a real inspiration!
Josh Date: January 2017
As a Music student at Harrogate Grammar School, our class was delighted when we heard that Andy was going to be teaching us our GCSE modules. I worked alongside Andy as a sound engineer during various music and drama performances he had directed. During this time, I had learnt what a good working relationship he was able to form with his colleagues and students. In class, he was the most encouraging of all our music teachers. His classes were genuinely enjoyable and fun. I gained great knowledge and experience whilst working and studying as a sound engineer and musician with Andy at Harrogate Grammar School. This led me on to study FE and HE at Leeds College of Music & Futureworks Media Academy. The influence of Andy and a select few others is the main influence behind me becoming a Sound Engineer & Music Producer.
Lynn Date: January 2017
Andy has been teaching my daughter Alice the piano for many years. She found it very difficult at first as she has dyslexia. Andy researched and then decided to try Alice on the Playing With Colour music books which helped her grasp the basics and she was able to move on. Andy has a fabulous personality and is able to build a great rapport with teenagers being easy going and fun,but also encouraging and firm as required. I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone.
Chanelle Date: January 2017
Andy's energy and patience as a piano teacher was perfect for me, not only did I learn a lot and very quickly but I also looked forward to my lessons. He made the task of learning music and playing the piano feel very manageable for me, I would thoroughly recommend him. Thank you Andy!
Natalie Date: February 2017
Mr Goldsmith is an incredibly patient and encouraging teacher, to whom I owe a lot. With his guidance and the opportunities he provided to sing at school, I was given the confidence to progress further at university with musical theatre. Along with being supportive, he always made classes fun and enjoyable due to his great sense of humour.
Ian Date: March 2017
Andy is an amazing teacher, super patient, friendly very giving and utterly trustworthy. I very much valued my time with him and learnt so much. When he moved an hour’s drive away I rearranged my week so I could keep taking lessons with him. When you hear Andy play you’ll certainly have your aspirations set. I’d be very happy to recommend Andy to anyone. I have a science background and it was an uphill struggle to get me through my saxophone assessment but Andy stuck at it and we got there, it really did feel like “we” got there as he was there for me throughout.
Patricia Date: March 2017
I can't speak highly enough of Andy. He has inexhaustible patience, unfailing good humour, and a relaxed and wonderfully encouraging and approachable teaching style, which has taken my elder son through to Grade 8 piano with enjoyment and apparent ease. In addition, as an experienced classroom music teacher, Andy has been able to offer him a great deal of support and constructive input on all aspects of his AS and A-level music (especially the composition modules), which has been incredibly valuable. Similarly, Andy has taken me personally from being a very unconfident adult learner who had never previously played any kind of wind instrument to being about to take Grade 8 sax; and he also finally got me through the Grade 5 piano barrier which defeated me as a teenager (both amazing achievements!). My music lessons with Andy quickly became, and remain, a real highlight of my week; I would recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher who can pass on not just technical skills, but also a real passion for music.
David Date: July 2017
“Delegates came out of your session buzzing with excitement and feedback since has also been very positive.. The performance was superb and it really got the day off to an excellent start..” Director of Yorkshire Music Education Conference, October 2014
Lucy Date: November 2019
An amazing teacher and musician!! Directed me both in a show choir and taught me piano when I was younger. Makes everything fun and enjoyable and puts so much passion into teaching. Highly recommended!
Becci Date: November 2019
Andy is a fantastic teacher and musician. He is able to engage pupils from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, and makes his lessons relevant, interesting and fun. His performing abilities are equally excellent - he works diligently to make sure his work is accurate, and his musicianship and talent are of a consistently high standard.
Jack Date: November 2019
Brilliant teacher, great memories from my saxophone lessons years ago. Got me to Grade 8 and I went on to Music College after that.
Ruth Date: November 2019
Awesome music teacher! As a moody teen practising for Grade 8 piano outside of school (and increasingly finding it a chore), Andy's encouragement and enthusiasm at Harrogate Grammar reminded me of my love for music outside of the ABRSM world! Also, his improv skills are outstanding!
Robin Date: November 2019
After a lot of research I decided to use Andy for Piano lessons; his credentials are very strong and he is Head of Music at a well regarded school. I definitely made the right choice, Andy is a great teacher and helped me to understand theory concepts which I had always struggled with. I would recommend 100%

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