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Mr Ryan Phillips
Reifth Date: June 2018
Ryan is a great piano and music teacher who has helped me tackle my motivational issues and has helped my piano skills progress immensely over the past few months that I've been learning from him!
Subham Date: June 2018
Ryan helped me in learning the basic and advanced concepts of DAW music production for Logic X and Abelton. He is sincere and dedicated and has a friendly nature. I would highly recommend him for DAW and Music Production tutorials as he makes learning interesting and fun.
Hannah Date: July 2018
Ryan has been teaching piano to my 10 year old son Oscar for a few months now. Oscar, like most 10 year old boys, finds it difficult to concentrate at the best of times, but Ryan manages to keep his interest through the whole 1 hour lesson. I was concerned at the start that if Ryan took a Ďtraditionalí approach to teaching Oscar that he would be put off playing Ė so we spoke about this and for the first few lessons Ryan spent time getting to know Oscar, working out how to play songs Oscar had chosen, and gently introduced him to the keyboard. This sense of discovery and fun is what has kept Oscar interested and wanting to learn more. They have now moved onto the more Ďtraditionalí stuff, like scales, written notation etcÖ but because Oscar had that time at the beginning to get to know and understand how music is translated to notes and sounds on the keyboard he is even more interested in learning. Ryan is a very gentle, empathic, fun and patient teacher, and Oscar really looks forward to his lessons. I canít recommend Ryan enough Ė particularly if you have a child with a passion for music but a very short attention span!
David Date: August 2018
After many years of lesson with other teachers I became disillusioned with where I had got to so decided to take a break from playing the piano because I found the thought of practice and playing was boring and not stimulating. I stopped playing for around 4 years when 1 day I thought I should take playing the piano back up again, by chance I stumbled across Ryan and booked a lesson with him. His approach was so refreshing that instantly I thought Iím liking what Iím hearing. We chatted for about 1/2 an hour, this gave Ryan a good idea as to what it was I needed even though I had no idea what that was. After that lesson approximately 3 months ago Iím enjoying my playing and my practice, Ryan has re-lit my passion for the piano and I feel my Mojo has returned. Iím 53 years of age and canít believe how proper practice and tuition makes me feel. If your looking to learn the piano and want someone who has so much knowledge especially for Blues & Jazz then look no further. Ryan can show how to practice and play but he also backs it up with the theory side of music also. Iím currently trying to get my head around the cycle of 5ths, what I do know is that with Ryanís support I will get there. If your a beginner or someone who needs that something else in their playing then look no further, give a Ryan a call - whatís the worst that can happen.
Harrison Date: September 2018
Ryan's approach to teaching has been exactly what I needed to move towards understanding jazz/blues piano. I've never enjoyed practicing so much, which is credit to his encouragement and knowledge. I've learned so much in a short space of time and I know I've only just scratched the surface. I enjoy every lesson, as Ryan is great company as well as a great teacher. Highly recommend!
Hannah Date: October 2018
'I initially began working with Ryan to record my DJ saxophone mixes. In recording sessions, I have a tendency to get nervous and very over critical of myself which doesn't help my performance at all. However, due to Ryan's chilled out and empathetic personality, I really enjoyed the whole process and now go to him for any recording needs. He's great at giving really positive feedback and always gives me the confidence to play to the best of my abilities and suggests ways in which I could make the recording sound even better, resulting in a finished track of the highest quality. I also get production lessons off Ryan. I was completely new to production when Ryan started giving me lessons and honestly was a little nervous I wouldn't understand it, but Ryan makes every single lesson so interesting and I always leave inspired and excited about my next one. He caters to my music taste and really understands the type of music I want to create. His harmony knowledge is amazing, and his explainations make even the most complex harmony seem understandable! Ryan is 100% invested in teaching his students as much as he possibly can to aid in their musical development, and I couldn't recommend him highly enough!'
Liam Date: October 2018
Ryan teaches my two daughters the piano. The lessons are informal but very professional and the girls both really look forward to their weekly lessons.
Joanne Date: November 2018
I am glad to have Ryan as my first piano teacher while I am doing my year abroad for the first time. I am the type of person who take in things pretty slow and the fact that English is my second language becomes another barrier but Ryan has really shown his patience with me and the way he explains the music theory is perfectly easy to follow. To me, Ryan is more like a friend than just a weekly piano teacher. He keeps encouraging me to follow what I think is right and never give up. I really appreciate for what he has done for me!

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