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Mr Peter O'Hare
Janie Date: June 2016
Peter's piano lessons are much more than learning to play the piano. He is an exceptional musician, teacher and performer all of which he uses incredibly skilfully each week when tackling a joint lesson with my two, often spirited, children. I wanted the children to learn to love music, be able to make music and be able to entertain themselves and others with music. For me this wasn't about passing exams and gaining another certificate. I wanted them to have fun, grow in confidence and try something new. They have done all of that and more.
Karen Date: July 2016
Choir testimonial Peter arrived last August to take up the post of MD for Kirklees Mass Choir and what an amazing, kind, talented fellow he is. Peter is not frightened to take up the baton and throw new ideas around and the choir has benefited from having a different approach. The choir was taken in a new direction and we embraced the challenge. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with you. Karen Todd Chair Kirklees Mass Choir
David Date: July 2016
I first met Peter in the summer of 2015, when the Kirklees Mass Choir was seeking a new Musical Director. The Choir had been formed in 2012 to raise money for the Mayor of Kirklees’ charity and had continued thereafter because of a joy of singing, a desire to raise money and to have fun. Peter was introduced by a committee member and, from the start, he just seemed to fit. He demonstrated at his interview that he had plans, ideas and ambitions. The Kirklees Mass Choir would be an excellent vehicle to help him to develop those ideas. As a retired head teacher, he is well used to talking to an audience and at the time of his introduction to the Choir, there was an apparent ground-swell of appreciation for a man capable of understanding the needs of the members, as well as enthusing them to reach a greater level of achievement. A concert was already scheduled for early December 2015 and with that in mind, Peter quickly assessed the repertoire of the Choir, not only planning the concert around it but also to encompass it. In the event, the concert was extremely well received with the Choir performing well above expectation. To achieve such a result after just three and a half months, is a tribute to Peter’s planning abilities and for the concert to have been so well received is a tribute to his musical direction. There can be no doubt that, had Peter been involved with the Choir from 2012, then it would now be building an enviable reputation throughout Kirklees and West Yorkshire. David Ridgway – President Kirklees Mass Choir 2013-2016
Tom Date: August 2020
“I had previously mentioned to my girlfriend about wanting to start piano lessons, and she was able to book ten with Peter as a Christmas present. As a complete beginner, Peter was absolutely fantastic to learn with – enthusiastic, encouraging, and it felt like he enjoyed teaching as much as I enjoyed learning. He had some songs ready to start with (The Beatles, Bill Withers, etc), but also encouraged me to suggest songs or artists, so I could play what I really liked listening to. From this, I was able to learn Johnny Cash, and music from The Legend of Zelda, and it made practising as enjoyable as learning. Peter joined in on his keyboard or on guitar, and we had some great jamming sessions. From complete starters, to someone who wants to polish their skills, Peter is an excellent teacher, and I have now been able to continue learning with the basics under my belt. Rock on!” Thanks again Peter, it really has been great fun learning with you.

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