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Mr Ben Johnsen
Jen Date: August 2018
Ben has really helped me make progress with my acoustic guitar playing. I am playing things I never thought I would be able to play when I first started out. He advises and teaches appropriately achievable and challenging songs by artists that I really like and he is patient and encouraging. His lessons are alway enjoyable and productive.
Julia Date: August 2018
Ben is a very friendly and patient teacher. His passion and enthusiasm for the guitar are contagious and my daughter, age 12, is really enjoying her lessons.
Gabriel Date: August 2018
Ben's combined skills and experience have really helped shape my music. Ben has the ability to adapt to my type of songs and has put heart and soul in every lesson and for the past 6 months, Ben has worked very hard to help me improve my technique. The thing I like the most about Ben is that he understands how difficult and frustrating learning guitar can be, especially at my age and he doesn't make you feel bad when you make mistakes. He is extremely encouraging and professional and I enjoy and look forward to every lessons.
Simon Date: August 2018
Ben has taught me guitar for 9 months and during that time I have progressed from having never played lead guitar, to being able to tackle some quite complex pieces. I am very grateful for the patience Ben has showed while I struggled with music that was perhaps beyond my capabilities, but I enjoyed the challenge. He was always happy to consider my suggestions for what to play. He is willing to put in the time to ensure that the musical arrangements are correct, with the appropriate fingering. The lessons are always perfect and catered to my needs.
Adam Date: August 2018
As a latecomer to the guitar, my learning through Ben's tuition has gathered pace. I particularly appreciate the fact that Ben provides me with the chords and strumming patterns I need to work on for the next lesson, in a way that I understand. As a beginner this is invaluable and is helping me to gain confidence in my guitar learning. Ben encourages me to play the songs that I like, which is great, and his approach is patient and supportive. His enthusiasm for teaching and playing guitar is self evident.
Yassi Date: August 2018
I've found Ben to be a great teacher! He always works around what I want to learn and plans the lessons to suit how I learn best. What makes him better than most teachers is that even if he has a lesson pre-planned, he will happily adapt it on the spot if I mention something else I'd be interested to learn. Also, the fact that he himself is active in the music scene means he really understands how his students learn so can relate and therefore find solutions to any problems we may be having.
Wills Date: August 2018
I have been learning the guitar for almost a year now and it is excellent! Ben is so patient with me and he is an amazing teacher.
Jules Date: August 2018
Wills can be hard work as Iím sure a lot of 14 year olds are but he loves playing his guitar with Ben. He can arrive for his lesson tired and uninspired but after an hour with Ben he is full of confidence and happy with life again! Ben encourages Wills and gets the best out of him. Thank you Ben!
Toby Date: August 2018
Ben has given my son Mylo (age 12) such a great experience over the last year. He has a brilliant manner and has enthused his passion of the guitar on to my son. Mylo now picks up his guitar daily not because he has to or I tell him to buy because he is enjoying playing tunes he loves. Thanks Ben

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