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Mrs Roxanne Gull
Mrs Roxanne Gull
Martina Date: August 2015
Roxy is an excellent teacher who has brought out the best in my son through his music. She has been able to intuitively adapt her teaching pace so that he is always motivated and challenged but never feels overwhelmed. He is able to trust her and rely on her support which has allowed him to gain confidence and flourish under her tuition. We have been extremely happy with her teaching and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
Abigail Date: August 2015
Roxy has been my piano and music theory teacher for the past few years, after I had a break from music altogether due to school exams and my previous teacher moving away. I have already made so much progress in both subjects in such a small space of time and my love and interest in music has been rekindled immensely. My lessons with Roxy are always tailored to my needs to help me succeed. Roxy has definitely helped me to become a more confident musician!
John Date: August 2015
For a very long time I had wanted to play the pipe organ (church organ) but never got round to it and really did not think i would be able to achieve much, anyway. When time permitted, however, I decided it was time either to something about it or abandon the idea altogether. Being of "mature years" and a late entrant to music tuition, I was sceptical about finding a teacher who would be able to help me. I did an internet search and found Roxanne Summerfield, who, not only began teaching me to play the pipe organ and continues to do so with more success than I thought possible but who, also, in her gentle persuasive manner has introduced me to music theory and widened my general musical interest beyond anything I imagined and thought I was capable of. All of this has been achieved in a friendly, non-pressured, non-stressful environment that makes time spent studying music with Roxy a real pleasure.
Rosie Date: August 2015
I got in touch with Roxy through my local church choir, St James the Greater, and since having singing lessons I have improved both my singing and music theory. When I started lessons, I didn’t feel confident enough to do a music grade, but I am now taking grade four in July, as well as doing a Bishop’s award with Roxy’s help at our choir. Lessons are always fun and challenging and I will be sorry to leave for university next year!
Lance Date: August 2015
I first contacted Roxy for singing tuition in late 2012, after finding her details on the internet. Although I had studied classical guitar to Grade 8 a number of years ago, I had no background in singing, apart from post-match renditions in the Rugby Club! Having joined a local choir, I felt the need to acquire some relevant experience. From the onset, it was apparent that Roxy has a deep knowledge of the subject, but what has impressed me most is her willingness and ability to share that knowledge in ways best suited to my developing needs. Her approach is honest, friendly and professional, allied to a meticulous concern that best value is gained from each lesson, by extending my comfort zone such that whilst I gain new insights each week, these are always linked to what has gone before. Highly recommended!
Claire Date: August 2015
I joined a community choir in 2011, and have always felt that I couldn’t sing so this was a real challenge for me. My husband recommended Roxy to me. From a complete novice, with no confidence, Roxy has carefully coached me and encouraged me through various songs. Over the two years, I have grown in self-belief and now even sing songs in different languages. It is a pleasure to attend my lessons and I always leave with new insights, singing knowledge and a sense of achievement. Thank you, Roxy.

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