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Mr Liam Fionescu
Mr Liam Fionescu
Gundula Gruen Date: August 2016
Liam has joined the London Gypsy Orchestra as a clarinettist around 4 years ago. He very quickly established his role as one of the leading woodwind players of the orchestra due to his skills on the instrument, his determination and motivation, and with his creative and inspiring personality. The London Gypsy Orchestra is a registered charity as well as an orchestra of 45 musicians. The group regularly organises workshops and interactive projects funded by Awards for All and other funding bodies, to educate and inspire the public taking part in music making. In this context, I have commissioned Liam to facilitate and teach music workshops to children and adults, to lead instrument making workshops, and lead jam sessions. Liam proved a motivated and motivating leader, who prepared the sessions to great detail, and received outstanding feedback from the participants, who went away inspired and fulfilled. I also have employed Liam to lead the orchestra rehearsals in my absence. It was reported by orchestra members that the rehearsals have been well structured, lead with positive authority, and the results were constructive. Yours Sincerely, Gundula Gruen
Rey Lear Date: August 2016
In class lessons he demonstrated much skill in a variety of instruments: notably the clarinet, the didgeridoo and various percussion instruments. He was able to speak to the children in a way that kept their attention and interest at all times. It was evident, too, that he knew the history of the instruments and of various styles of playing. On the didgeridoo, for example, he demonstrated circular breathing and was able to play in a modern style incorporating beatbox rhythms. Liam has the maturity and the experience now to take on greater and greater responsibilities. He is trustworthy, reliable and punctual. All in all he is a person of integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any teaching post. Rey Lear LRAM; Cert Ed; Dip Thyp; GQHP 4 August 2016
Julia Makin Date: August 2016
I met Liam through the London Gypsy Orchestra, of which I was a member while he was leader and director. Liam is a highly likeable and trustworthy individual who's pure love of music I found highly infectious. During sessions Liam combined patience and enthusiasm in a way which allowed more confident musicians to flourish and put less confident individuals at ease. Aside from partaking in his group sessions, I have been closely acquainted with a number of clarinettists who have taken private lessons with Liam, all of whom gave highly positive feedback about his teaching style and felt that they were really improving under his care. Having observed first hand how Liam has inspired both individuals and groups of musicians with his leadership, I would not hesitate to recommend him as a clarinet teacher to both adults and children. In all my years as a musician I have met no one who has inspired me more than Liam.

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