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Ms Maia Hendrickx PGCert Vocal Pedagogy
Ms Maia Hendrickx PGCert Vocal Pedagogy
Brian Date: May 2016
"Having not sung for 2 years, I wished to rekindle my love of singing and so I looked on the net and chose Maia. I can honestly say that she has rekindled my enthusiasm for singing and my technique and confidence have improved immeasurably. We have worked on a joint programme of songs to learn and I feel confident in now singing some difficult numbers. I look forward to the weekly lessons!"
Chris Date: May 2016
"I contacted Maia as I was keen to be able to add a voice to occasional get togethers with some old band mates which previously didn't include a singer. Maia has shown a real ability to understand what I wanted to get from lessons and we have worked on really relevant material as a result.The results have been much increased confidence in my singing and whilst the lessons have certainly challenged me, I have had a great deal of fun along the way."
Lily Date: May 2016
"I (after being a student of Maia's vocal coaching) asked Maia to sing me down the aisle on my wedding day in February 2014. I think this in itself speaks volumes about how Maia is as a teacher, singer and person. As a teacher, Maia's approach was always tailored to my individual​ needs. I got to sing songs I was comfortable with, whilst always focusing on pushing me forward and developing strong technique. As a performer, Maia is a consummate professional and took time to ensure that her performance was exactly what we wanted for our celebration. All the feedback we received after the wedding was incredibly positive - Maia's singing was out of this world and we would recommend her to anyone!"
Melissa Date: November 2018
I started working with Maia earlier this year; I'd been thinking about having singing lessons for a while and Maia's details popped up on my Facebook feed, so I decided to go along for an introductory session. Straight away, I felt confident Maia understood what I needed and how she could help me to improve and achieve my goals. Her explanations and strategies work so well for me, and after just a few sessions I felt I had a real breakthrough in terms of being much happier with how my voice sounded. Along with improvements in my tone and vocal range, I have also seen vast improvements in my confidence and how I feel about my voice. I so look forward to my weekly lessons; Maia is warm and welcoming, and pushes me both to challenge myself and enjoy myself. I would definitely recommend MHVS to vocalists; I have worked with a few singing teachers in the past, and my experience with MHVS has been by far the best, both in terms of the progress I've made and the fun I have during lessons!
Christina Date: November 2018
I was looking for a professional vocal coach to help develop technique and gain confidence in my own ability to perform, so I could meet and share with other musicians. Since working with Maia, Ive increased my vocal range; learned techniques I can practice on my own; performed and recorded in front of a live audience (courtesy of the MHVS Summer Showcase!); learned how to sing with a microphone and am building confidence all the time. In lessons. Ive sung to backing tracks, my own guitar or Maia playing piano shes very open to how you want to work. She has great patience with the bits I am struggling with and helps me believe I can achieve more than I limit myself to. And we have a laugh whilst enjoying the music! I always look forward to lessons with Maia. Im gradually performing more often, knowing I have the encouragement of a professional behind me whos helped me focus on the right bits. Thank you!
Emma Date: May 2016
"I have always been a very nervous singer but as an actress I feel its an important skill to master. I came to Maia's first lesson a bag of nerves but was welcomed by a lovely, witty person with a big smile on her face. From here on my confidence has grown in abundance and it is thanks to the nature in which Maia teaches. We work towards goals, honing in on my specific strengths and weaknesses which has helped me discover my voice. Every lesson is a challenge and tailored to me and my requirements; very much a orientated around what I hope to achieve and what I am after as a singing student. I would highly recommend Maia to all genders and ages, no matter what your voice, Maia's your gal!"

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