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Mr Russell Skellern BA(Hons)
Mr Russell Skellern BA(Hons)
Rob Date: December 2012
I have been playing guitar for nearly 20 years on and off. I have been meaning to take lessons for the last 15 years as I have felt that my playing has been “Stuck in a rut”. Russ came highly recommended! I found Russ very open and easy to discuss the short comings of my playing, he put together a lesson plan which is helping to expand my playing both in the area’s I had identified as being weak and in area’s I hadn’t even considered previously! Under “Lesson” conditions Russ quickly puts you at ease and has oodles of patience. He also offers honest feedback on how you are doing, which again is very helpful and helps you reflect on how your playing is progressing.
Ellie Date: December 2012
Russ is a very talented guitarist who I have been having lessons with for almost three years, and I have enjoyed every one of them. Russ is very patient and friendly and I can learn to play at my own pace. I have gained a lot from his tuition and look forward to all of my lessons. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to enjoy learning to play the guitar.
Francis Date: December 2012
I have had lessons with Russ for a few years and my abilities have greatly improved. Russ is an excellent teacher; patient; empathetic and explains everything thoroughly. My understanding of music and the guitar has improved greatly thanks to him.
Jack Date: December 2012
I've been learning guitar with Russ for four years and am now at grade 4 level. I really enjoy my lessons and think that Russ is an excellent teacher. As well as technical exercises and grade pieces Russ is always willing to transcribe my favourite songs making learning and practicing very enjoyable.
Matt Date: December 2012
A relaxed and easy going teacher who is happy to go at your own pace in whatever style of music you choose; I've been with Russ for over a year now and find his tuition extremely beneficial to my practice, both in terms of the songs I can now play and the various techniques I have mastered along the way.
Rhys Date: December 2012
I have been having guitar lessons for about 4-5 years and in that time I have learned a lot. Russ has helped me with my music theory to be accepted into college and I thank him for that. He is a very patient teacher and I can learn at my own pace. He transcribes my favourite songs and also helps me with any questions that I may have about guitar strings, effects and anything instrument related.
Martin Date: December 2012
I have truly enjoyed my weekly lesson. As an ageing guitarist I have been playing on and off for 44 years. I am beginning to understand how it works which is fantastic.
Rhys Date: January 2014
I have been provided with this tuition service for about seven years and have greatly enjoyed and learned a lot from it throughout. I have recently passed my Grade 8 Guitar Exam with great help from Russ and his tuition, which has allowed me to learn more about my instrument and music, in general. Russ has helped me every step of the way and I am truly grateful of his services. He is a patient and fantastic teacher for anyone, whatever their musical experience.
Mark Date: January 2014
I've been studying with Russ for just over half a year now and I've enjoyed the experience and support I've had while learning. Russ knows what areas of you’re playing to focus on and how to progress you further. He's very accommodating to students such as myself with awkward schedules that don't always allow for practice or frequent lessons. On top of that Russ is very understanding and patient when it comes to new students which help when playing for the first time. Overall I'm very happy with the tuition I've received so far and would definitely recommend Russ to others looking for a tutor!
Mike Date: January 2014
I started having guitar lessons with Russ a few months ago. In these few months my playing has improved more than it has in the last five years. I could not play any solos before I started but now I can play several, being able to identify the techniques in each.
Dan Date: January 2014
Having been nervous at attempting to learn the guitar, with no previous musical experience, I was immediately put at ease by Russell’s patient and understanding teaching style. The lessons are always informative, interesting and good fun and I leave eager to go home and practice what I have been taught. I look forward to carrying on the learning process with Russell moving forward!

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