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Miss April Grime
Cath Marley Date: June 2018
Bear with me, but I need to give some background in order to explain how good April has been for me over the 18 months I have been having singing lessons with her, not just in teaching me singing technique but with giving me a degree of confidence to actually open my mouth and try to sing in the first place. I am now 63, and when I was around 9 or 10 I was forced to attend a different class to my own at school, just for the lessons where my class was rehearsing some songs for a concert. My teacher kept telling me ( and the whole class ) that I wasn't singing in tune, not that I had any idea then what was meant by that. So two classes of pupils knew that I couldn't sing and wasn't allowed to be in the concert. As a consequence I have never done anything other than mime if there has been singing going on around me, and I have never tried to sing in front of anyone, even my husband, as I didn't want anyone to hear me, including him! I had long wanted to see if I could learn how to sing but hadn't come across any local tutors that I thought I could approach, but when I found out about April I decided to pluck up some degree of courage and contact her. She was never anything less than very encouraging, and was completely sympathetic to my fear of singing in front of her, and to my lack of ability. I struggled at first to have any idea if the notes she played on the keyboard were anything like those that came out of my mouth, and my range was very limited, but she was extremely patient, and I began to make progress. There were times when I felt I had an “off day” but she talked me through them, and I persevered. Eventually I started to gain some confidence and to actually feel I was making good progress. I can now say that, whilst I still have a way to go with technique, I can enjoy singing, and have confidence that most of what comes out is definitely in tune. Such a shame it's taken me 50+ years, but I wouldn't be at this point even now without April, and I can't recommend her highly enough. She has worked wonders for me.
Mel Neal Date: June 2018
I came across April at my local Christmas carol service, where she performed a beautiful solo; and to my delight, I later discovered she was in fact a music teacher. After being out of practice for a number of years, I was slightly apprehensive about my first singing lesson, but April immediately made me feel at ease and my lessons were a pleasure. April assessed my singing ability and goals and she planned my lessons accordingly. After a few months of lessons I had regained my confidence and reached my goal of re-joining a choir. Thanks for helping me get my confidence back, April!

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