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Kasia Date: November 2019
Jay has been teaching me since August 2012. He is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding which is very important for beginner like me. His teaching technique is unique and works well. I would definitely recommend Jay as a piano teacher. I'm so looking forward to every next lesson with Jay. [2013]
Jay Date: November 2019
A passionate and enthusiastic teacher. I have been under the tuition of Jay for the last 9 months and found every step of the way as exciting and enjoyable. Who would have thought learning can be so much fun at the same time? He has a very unique approach to his teachings which also happens to be very engaging at the same time. Very thorough and very patient in explaining his teaching methods and what you're learning. I can't imagine a teacher who is more encouraging, helpful, inspiring and fun at the same time while learning. Definitely the "go to man" if you're looking for a talented teacher who takes pride in his teachings. [2013]
Julie Date: November 2019
Jay has been teaching me as a beginner for the last 3 months and I find lessons engaging and fun. After a day's work it can be hard to 'switch-off', but Jay is always able to ensure that the troubles of the day are forgotten and enjoying the lesson is the number one priority. His passion for music is infectious and I always leave wanting to run home and practice. [2013]
William Date: November 2019
Jay is the teacher I wish I had when I was younger. I went through multiple teachers but they made piano seemed robotic and uninspiring. He's taught me how to play a lot more expressively and has rekindled my passion for music. I've event started making music again. I HIGHLY recommend Jay even if it's for inspiration for song writing. His lessons were the highlight of my week and I feel I have learnt a lot from him. [2013]
Simon Date: November 2019
I started out as a complete novice and really liked Jay's approach to playing an instrument and to music - first and foremost concentrating on relaxing the mind and body and using that as the basis for all playing and learning. With Jay's help and guidance I've progressed from never having played an instrument or read music, to having a good grounding in the theory of music - learning all about the major scales and their relative minors, the fundamentals of reading music and pitch and timings, as well as the practical elements of playing - where Jay promotes a relaxed and natural playing style which helps get the most from the music. My only complaint with Jay is that he'll soon no longer be available for lessons in London! [2013]
Irina Date: November 2019
A good teacher is not easy to find and Jay is one of those rare people. His gift is in understanding people and different ways in which they learn, and finding the right approach to individuals. As adult beginner, I had tried three teachers before I met Jay, and he takes music lessons to a whole different level. With Jay, I always felt that the lessons were designed specifically for me and for the way I learn, keeping the perfect balance between challenge and fun. Jay goes an extra mile for his students and I canít praise him high enough. I only wish he hadnít moved out of London! [2013]
Stephan Date: November 2019
Being from a classical background, I have been trying to turn to Jazz for quite some time. I tried 3 piano teachers in the last 2 years but never found the right one. Then I met Jay and I knew right after our first class that he was exactly what I was looking for. He was patient, very talented and knew perfectly how to adapt to my needs and way of learning. But more than that, he made each class very fun! And there is no better way to learn than when you enjoy what youíre doing. [2013]
Mike Date: November 2019
When I approached Jay and enquired about piano lessons, I'd turned 30, DJ'ed for half of my life and was desperate to turn my music production ideas in to a coherent body of work and career prospect. I had only a perceptual 'ear for good music', basically I'd been winging-it in the studio for long enough and I was dissatisfied with my results. 6 months on, I have found a new love and appreciation for music, renewed enthusiasm for making it and an arsenal of theoretical and practical tools which means my music makes sense, whilst retaining a personal uniqueness. Jay is benevolent and full of creative support and nurturing. He challenges me to be a better artist, whilst empowering and enabling my creative judgement. He is one of the great teachers I have had in my life, being the most effective at listening, really understanding and relentlessly pursuing a bespoke course of action to highlight my needs and deliver solutions. "The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work", would be an effective summary of Jay's teaching ethos with me. He has gone a paradigm step further for me, as the work itself feels like a gift. For that I am grateful to be his student. [2014]
Nik Date: November 2019
Having turned 40 it was about time I fulfilled a long time desire to learn the piano. My wife found Jay and nearly a year later Iím still glad she did. From the outset Jay has been both teacher and student, he studies his student and adapts his teaching style to suit. My busy life means I donít get the time to play as often as I would like, but I thoroughly enjoy every lesson and have already learned a huge amount. My desire has now turned into a passion where I look forward to practising in my own time and this is largely down to Jay. I still have a lot to learn and Jay has a lot more to teach, so I look forward to our continuing relationship, his friendly nature and openness. If you are looking for a piano teacher who can understand you and turn your desire into a passion then I encourage you to contact Jay. [2015]
Elaine Date: November 2019
When I started piano lessons I felt I was a bit too old at 57... Jan has changed all that and has shown me that you are never too old to learn! He has made the lessons so much fun and has infinite patience so that my confidence has grown and I am loving the lessons and the whole process of understanding the piano. The lessons are so well structured and I feel supported making it a great fun and challenging learning experience! [2015]
Cedric Date: November 2019
I am 79, and Jay has been very patient with me, for which I am grateful, and he assures me that I am making some progress. I find the lessons hard work but in retrospect very enjoyable. [2016]
Diane & Mike Date: November 2019
We started piano lessons with Jay in February of this year as mature beginners (both in our 60's). My husband opted to try his hand at Jazz whilst I chose to learn classical. Jay has been so encouraging and patient with us both and has the unique ability to 'stretch' us whilst ensuring the importance of enjoyment. Jay has an informal and relaxed style in his teaching and always goes to great lengths to put us at ease and teach in an uncomplicated and straight forward way. We are very pleased with the progress we have made in a relatively short space of time and feel this is entirely down to Jay's infectious enthusiasm and passionate desire for his pupils, regardless of age or ability, to enjoy learning, playing and have fun making music. We would recommend Jay without hesitation! [2016]
Jim Date: November 2019
I'm so pleased that I started piano lessons with Jay. He's an inspirational teacher, a brilliant communicator, and just as important, the lessons are enormous fun. I'm really pleased with the progress I'm making, largely because his teaching is in a different league - full of invention, and if you're struggling with something, he will always find a new way of explaining or demonstrating it until it clicks into place. My particular passion is jazz and blues, but Iíve been inspired to try other genres, as his whole approach encourages musical curiosity. It sounds a bit pompous to describe him as a musical educator, but I certainly feel Iím getting an education, rather than just a weekly piano lesson. My only regret is not starting sooner. If, like me, you want to have a go but it seems like a big step, I'd urge you to take the plunge. Iím a year in now, and really enjoying the journey. [2016]
Belle Date: November 2019
My 8 year old daughter has been having piano lessons with Jay for a year now and she remains just as enthusiastic (if not more so) as she was during her first rather exciting lesson! As a relatively young learner, Jay has focussed on making her lessons fun, creative and highly accessible. She has blossomed under his tutelage - she remains keen to practice outside of lessons as Jay has placed so much emphasis on music being first and foremost fun. Indeed, I am intrigued to see where she will be a year from now if she continues at this rate of progress! I would highly recommend Saltdean Piano Lessons as you are sure to receive a high quality, professional and fun learning experience :-) [2016]

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