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Fiona Eaton Date: January 2011
Jonathan is friendly, patient and obviously has a real passion to play and teach guitar, making the lessons not only educational but fun. Having started with Jonathan as a complete beginner a few months ago, I feel like I have quickly built up good skills and techniques.
Danny Mitchell Date: January 2011
I have only had 5 lessons to date but I always look forward to my next lesson and feel I am getting better each week. The lessons are very informative and set at a relaxed pace which enables you to take everything on board before putting it into practice.
Jamie Welton Date: January 2011
Jonathan is a great teacher and musician and I look forward to carrying on my lessons with him. My lessons with Jonathan so far are going great. I feel I am coming along really well. His lessons are interesting and fun.
Roy Johnson Date: January 2011
I whole heartedly recommend Jonathan as a teacher. I've been playing guitar in various guises for a number of years - but like a lot of players, realised that I wasn't really progressing. I new there were gaps in my knowledge but didn't know how to address them. Having talked things through with Jonathan, he has structured lessons that focus on the aspects I need to work on, and which are imaginative and challenging. Over and above this Jonathan has arranged a number of events all geared towards enabling his students to have a wide exposure to different musical experiences.
Chris Greenwood Date: January 2011
Jon is very patient and makes learning a fun experience as well as keeping the tutoring structured and very easy to follow I enjoy every lesson and feel good when I have practiced at home on the tasks that Jon sets us. It's been about 8 or 9 months since Jon started teaching me to play electric guitar, I have been very frustrated sometimes with myself not been able to pick up things as quickly as I would expect, but jon has been a great encouragement for me to keep going.
Jasmine Dagless Date: January 2011
Learning to play guitar with Jonathan has been fantastic. It has always been an ambition of mine to learn to play guitar and be in a band some day, my progress so far has been spectacular and I am sure that Jonathan will help me acheive my dream alot sooner than I had ever anticipated. Jonathan is a very talented teacher and musician, and is passionate about music. This attitude really comes through in his teaching, his lessons are always appropriate, challenging, and most importantly fun.
Jim Cookson Date: January 2011
I have been taking guitar lessons now with Jonathan for a few months and feel like I am finally getting somewhere. Fortunately for me he seems to have a lot of patience, as I am not the quickest of learners it definitely comes in handy. Jonathan also does a group lesson, which usually turns into a jam session, this is great fun and a chance to let your hair down as well as meeting fellow budding guitarists. Everyone is at a similar level so it doesn't feel intimidating.
Richard Frogatt Date: January 2011
He has the gift of responding to a students needs, brings in little details of technique and makes learning to play a rewarding and extremely enjoyable experience. As one of Jon's more mature students I have to say that he is a natural and gifted teacher. Over the years I have tried books, DVDs and even other guitar tutors. As the last one insisted I read music and started the first lesson with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star I was not expecting the genuinely high level of commitment and professionalism shown by Jon. It's not just that he is a talented player in his own right.
Phil Sanders Date: January 2011
I progressed more in the first 2 lessons than I had done in 9 months on my own and have been making decent progress ever since. I was recently inspired to give the guitar another try after I was put off in my teens by a faulty student guitar. After months of stumbling around in the dark with friend's advice, books and internet resources I gave Jonathan a call.
Tim Johnson Date: January 2011
Under his Jedi-like guidance I was able to hold a guitar the right way up and was quickly playing lead and rhythm riffs and covering elementary blues, indie and rock material. Having played with most of the great indie/rock bands from the eighties, nineties and noughties, I finally woke up from this dream in my head and undertook lessons with Jonathan. Under his Jedi-like guidance I was able to hold a guitar the right way up and was quickly playing lead and rhythm riffs and covering elementary blues, indie and rock material. His engaging and easy teaching style blend the technical elements with the music making effortlessly. He continuously varies the material to keep interest high and learning enjoyable. It is thanks to his teaching that it is only literally days away now till the Chilli Peppers or Nick Cave ring, bidding for my new found skills. (Sorry that's another dream). The only word of caution I can make is that if he does play any Gary Moore riffs during a lesson, adopt a vacant expression and say "sorry never heard of him!" He won't be offended, honest. On the plus side his rocked-up versions of childrens TV themes are a real floor filler - getting him to do Postman Pat is worth the price of one lesson alone. I can honestly say it is money and time well spent.
Richard Greenwood Date: January 2011
I have gone from knowing a few basic chords to recording near a full track in months, brilliant! I started to learn guitar out of a book but after a few weeks I realised that I needed some proffesional help and contacted Jonathan. The way Jonathan teaches is with lots of patience and you learn what you need to progress. He has been an inspiration to myself.
David Hargreaves Date: January 2011
An advert for Jonathan's lessons should come with every guitar sold!!! Following an introductory lesson Jonathan had quickly assessed my ability and was able to identify where I needed to improve. This has allowed him to structure the lessons to improve my ability whilst also introducing new techniques and styles.
Paul Cole Date: January 2011
The lessons are tailored to your needs and with the use of a small studio it is great for recording tracks and incorporating drums etc. I played the guitar for a couple of years about 15 years ago and wanted to pick it up again. I contacted Jonathan and have now been having lessons for about 10 months. I have learned alot over the months and enjoy the way the lessons are taught, not just learning scales etc but incorporating them into jamming with groups and improvising.
Matt Hibbett Date: January 2011
In just 2 months under Jonathan's expert tutelage I have gone from having a mild interest in guitars, to splashing out on my 1st ever electric guitar. The lessons are fun, well structured, and well paced. I have no doubt that if it wasn't for Jonathan's obvious love for guitars and great teaching methods I would already have given up by now. The progress I have made in such a short period of time is purely down to his enthusiasm, and he has inspired me to want to achieve so much more.
Richard Metcalf Date: January 2011
I've really enjoyed my lessons with Jonathan so far. I feel like I'm really getting somewhere, and will definitely be carrying on my tuition with him.
Nikki Gore Date: January 2011
I never believed after only 3 months of lessons I would be playing like I am now. Since I was younger I wanted to learn guitar, but since left handed I didn't think it be so easy to find someone to teach me. I finally got up the nerve to try it at 30 some call it midlife crisis, lol, and found Jonathan. I had never played or picked up a guitar in the past so went to him as a total noob. I never believed after only 3 months of lessons I would be playing like I am now, granted I need more work on polishing up what I have learnt but I can actually play a few tunes without the husband complaining. His teaching techniques are very easy to understand, fun to learn and get the addiction of wanting to learn more and more. Jon is very patient and easy going but also at same time he dont let you get lazy or sloppy with your playing and makes sure the basic structure of guitar playing is perfect. I would reccomend him to anyone.
Gemma Bolton Date: January 2011
I have only been having lessons with Jonathan for just over a month, but already feel like I am making progress. find the lessons are tailored very well to suit our beginner group and whilst the content is currently quite simple, I do find it very interesting and the hour just flies by! Jonathan is a very patient and thoughtful teacher who I would most certainly recommend.
Anne Howker Date: January 2011
After 3 months I feel that I have improved more than in the previous 18 months with another teacher. I had taken guitar lessons before, and given up, but then I decided to give it another go with another teacher, so I got in touch with Jonathan. I really appreciate the fact that the lessons are made to help us learn how to play the style of music that we like. The lessons are good fun, everything is well explained with patience and lots of detail, and we leave with plenty of things to practise at home.
Alan Wallace Date: January 2011
He has the ability to let me recognise and enjoy my progress whilst providing both the motivation and ideas to overcome my limitations and keep me moving forward. At 59 years of age I decided to do something that I had wanted to do since the 1960's, learn to play the guitar. After 6 weeks of struggling I found Jonathan through the Internet and signed up with him for lessons. I don't see Jonathan just as a teacher but also as a I love to practice because I can see week on week that I am getting better.
Shaz Khan Date: January 2011
Jonathan really knows what he's doing and I'm learning that I can play. A big thank you. For years now I told myself I should take some guitar classes. I checked around at my local music schools. I settled on taking classes with Jonathan because I knew after our initial taster session he is truly a professional whilst offering the personal touch. An integral part of the learning is the "homework"; these are handouts which help us to play on our own at home.
Corin Zero Date: January 2011
Jonathan is an extremely patient and likeable guy who managed to get straight to the heart of my playing issues making a huge difference to my soloing technique.
James Padgett Date: January 2011
As a complete novice guitar player, having no idea where to begin, Jonathan has provided me with an excellent start, facilitating direction and guidance with the perfect pace of delivery. He shares his knowledge, ability and passion for guitar playing and teaching and I will definitely be continuing my lessons with him to build on the skills, methods and theory he has taught me so far.
Al Perry Date: January 2011
Jonathan has an enthusiastic and infectious approach to his teaching which soon draws you in, he puts a lot into your lessons and you feel an obligation to respond in kind. Why did I choose Jonathan as my guitar teacher When I typed "guitar teachers in Leeds" into Google his was not the first name that came up, but it was the last one of my list when I had spoken to several others. When I started playing 11 weeks ago I had never touched a guitar, but had wanted to play for years. I am now an intermediate player who has mastered all the open chords and some barre chords, can play a decent range of songs and have moved onto soloing in group lessons. If you had asked me in late September if I would be playing Beatles numbers to my family at Christmas, I would have though you were mad. I put this down to a combination of Jonathan's teaching methods and many hours of practice under his guidance. But the best thing about Jonathan's teaching method is that he does not belong to the "those who can't, teach" group of coaches, he is a practitioner, played live, been in bands and has been there and done that. That it what I want from a teacher.
Toby Wilson Date: January 2011
With Jon I have learnt and achevied so much more than I ever could of on my own in only four months I had a few months without a teacher when I first got my guitar and I thought if I couldnt get a teacher I could teach my self, but with Jon I have learnt and achevied so much more than I ever could of on my own in only four months. I think John is a great teacher because he makes the lessons interesting and fun. He takes an interest in the style of music I like and he creates lessons around that.
Marc Pollitt Date: January 2011
Friendly, approachable and a good teacher who makes learning fun.
Curtis Pratt Date: January 2011
Brilliant teacher! I am happy to say that I have been having lessons with jonathan for about 7 months and have learned quite a lot. The good thing is that he listens to you and won't move on to a different area until you have mastered it. Brilliant teacher and I'll never regret starting lessons with him.
Nicola Smith Date: January 2011
Jon is an great teacher! I have been taking lessons with Jonathan for about 6 months I think and I have learnt a lot and I have enjoyed learning. Each week I can see improvements in how I play. Jon is an great teacher, explains things if you don't understand and gives the encouragement you need to just keep trying because you will improve if you put as much effort into practice as Jon does into teaching.
Gill Whitehead Date: January 2011
Jonathan is very reliable, polite, friendly and professional in his approach to teaching. Jonathan has been teaching my son the electric guitar for the last 2 years. During that time I have found him to be very reliable, polite, friendly and professional in his approach to teaching. Jonathan has a very good rapport with my son and with another child who has recently taken up the guitar. He communicates to them at their level sends them practise sessions via e-mail and shows a real interest in them as individuals. He is very aware of my son's capabilities and tailors his lessons accordingly.
Ian Lumbsden Date: January 2011
Since having lessons with Jon I feel much more confident playing guitar as I'm learning the right skills and techniques. His mix of music theory and practical application makes it easy to understand music... even if you have never had experience of playing guitar before.
Neil Pickard Date: January 2011
The lessons are relaxed, informative and tailored to suit individual requirements. Have been playing on and off for a while with no real direction or understanding of guitar method and styles, However since taking lessons with Jon after only a couple of months this has all changed. The lessons are relaxed, informative and tailored to suit individual requirements. Jon is also a great player of all styles which obviously is a great help.
Julie Carrier Date: January 2011
My son is really enjoying his lessons! Jon, Thanks for the lesson today. Jamie is VERY shy and I had to bribe him to come to the lesson! He really loved it and is looking forward to the next session in 2 weeks. He's also a perfectionist and needs lots of encouragement, so I was really pleased when you praised him. He was very keen for me to explain what you meant about him being a 'natural'!
Martin Bishop Date: January 2011
He teaches at my pace and is interested in my views. I have played guitar on and off for years, but never had a single lesson. It was a big decision opting to go for lessons, but I have really had my eyes opened to a whole new way of playing. Jon has helped me understand and apply some theory, which I badly needed. I have been impressed enough to take my Son for lessons too!
David Stead Date: January 2011
I have been extremely pleased with the lessons as I feel they have improved my understanding of playing the guitar on a practical and theoretical level. Furthermore the lessons have been enjoyable and through Jon's patient and knowledgeable teaching style I feel that my guitar playing has greatly improved.
Callum Russell Date: January 2011
I would definitely recommend Jon to anyone. Before taking lessons with Jon my playing was really not very good I could just about get along but I was nothing special. I taught myself to play a few chords and things but because I taught myself I was picking up bad habits. I decided to take lessons because I was starting to struggle in bands with harder songs. Since I started having lessons with Jon my playing has improved so much. I've been doing them for a year now and I'm so glad i did because without them I would be no where near the standard I'm at now.
David Harper Date: January 2011
He has lots of knowledge of how to help you overcome problems in guitar, he guides you along the guitar path rather than leads you. That's the sign of a good teacher. I'd played the air guitar lots of times like many other people so when my sons guitar teacher had a space in his time table I thought it's about time I learn't how to play a real one. I'd seen how he had taught my son. He is calm shows plenty of patience and at the same time is very passionate. I've been playing the guitar for about a year and a half, i can play rhythm and lead guitar I've also wrote two instrumental songs with help from Jonathan in the structure and production of them. Best of all you can have fun in his lessons whilst learning the guitar.
Warren Fyffe Date: January 2011
The lessons are well structured with a good balance of theory and practical content. A knowledgable player who explains himself very well, Jonathan has helped in many ways in a short space of time, which in turn has improved my playing.
Ben Williamson Date: January 2011
Jonathan Vipond is a brilliant, results-orientated guitar teacher and a talented musician. Having taken private lessons with Jonathon has changed my life and inspired me to become the best guitar player that I can be. I used to teach myself guitar but having seen the dramatic improvement in my guitar playing since my private lessons started, I have not looked back. An inspiration to all guitar teachers.
Carl Richmond Date: January 2011
Lessons with Jonathan have helped my understanding of how things work in respect of putting things together on the guitar have improved 100% since beginning my lesson's with him. I can now improvise over most songs with lead guitar, over all my technique has improved.

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