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Mr Steve Lawson
Kevin Date: January 2014
(testimony relates to a weekend course I run, called Beyond Bass Camp, but Kevin is also a private student of mine) “Beyond Bass Camp is still the most valuable learning experience I’ve had; it contributed massively to the way I now think about bass, both as role and as an instrument, and the bigger picture of creating music. Whether I’m practising/writing on my own or with others, I find myself recalling elements of the classes to get my creative mind and my bass working together to produce ideas that are outside of the box yet implemented with maturity and respect to the context. If you’re a bass player who is ready to start thinking about how to explore what your instrument is capable of and employ it musically, and have loads of fun, Beyond Bass Camp has my highest recommendation!”
Lee Date: January 2014
(the specific testimony relates to Beyond Bass Camp - a weekend bass course that I run, but Lee is also a private student of mine) “Beyond bass camp is a fantastic way to explore the musicality and role of bass guitar in contemporary music. The positive and supportive nature of Steve’s teaching style coupled with the group sharing their own experiences and good practice made my learning experience at Beyond Bass Camp invaluable. My fellow students and I all had different experiences and prior learning that was brought into the mix. We were encouraged to share, discuss and disseminate musical concepts. It was lovely to see how we all developed over the five months. The non competitive and supportive nature of the learning environment helped me identify what I was already good at and and where I could develop. The collaborative approach worked so well and over those few short months I developed exponentially. Being able to take a day out just to focus on playing and geek out on music was an experience I won’t forget. oh and the food is amazing!”

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