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Miss J Elms - SINGING LESSONS- experience voice coach. Bournemouth Southampton
Miss J Elms - SINGING LESSONS- experience voice coach. Bournemouth Southampton
Stuart Date: July 2013
"Jodie has helped me so much through these singing lessons. Now I can rock all the high notes in my set, and I can sing a whole 2 hour gig with my band with out feeling any strain at all. My band mates (and fans!) have all commented on how improved my voice is. I would advise any singer who takes their singing seriously to go and see Jodie." -Stuart, rock singer.
Lilly Date: July 2013
"I passed my audition! Thank you Jodie! You are the best" - Lilly, musical theatre singer.
J.J. Date: July 2013
"I always dreamed of being a good singer, but I never thought I could really do it. I was so nervous about my first lesson, but Jodie made me feel so relaxed and at home. I've been having lessons with her for a year now and my voice has changed so much. I actually love the way I sound! I am booked in to record my first demo next month and I can't wait. I my voice feels so 'fit', and I can hit all the high notes in my favorite songs now (definitely couldn't do that before!). And I can say that I actually feel confident about my singing too! I would really recommend Jodie as a teacher to any singer... she is so kind, supportive and knowledgeable! I'm so glad I found her!" - J.J, pop/ jazz/ commercial singer
Ruthie Date: July 2013
"I have a very hectic and demanding life, and I decided to try singing lessons as a 'release' / something different... a moment for Me. I have found my singing lessons with Jodie to be even more therapeutic than I could have hoped. She really understands how to tune-in to me (vocally/ emotionally). I feel myself unwind and relax during my hour with her. And I leave feeling refreshed and positive. I have also been pleasantly suprised with what my voice seems to be capable of... who knows... I might even sing in front of my family soon! I would definitely recommend Jodie as a teacher... she has managed to make ME sound pretty good!... so I imagine she can work wonders with a 'real' singer!" -Ruthie; mother, support worker, singer.

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