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I was born in 1971, in the Netherlands but of Czech parents. I started music lessons at my local music school at the age of 8, violin at 10 and guitar at 13. After completing (the Dutch equivalent of) A-levels I spent some time in the U.K. before deciding I wanted to study music at the Conservatoire. I chose a very versatile training - Music in Schools. Within a few years it became clear to me that I wanted to reach a higher standard on the guitar and I was admitted to the Classical Guitar training as well. In all I spent seven years at the Conservatoire - having a very good time, while working hard on all aspects of teaching music, performing and music theory.

On top of this, I fell in love with Irish fiddle music while in my second year at the Conservatoire. This reignited my interest in the violin. As I had always been trained the classical way (based on written music) and I did not have access to regular fiddle lessons, I initially found it quite a challenge to learn tunes off by heart and preferably by ear. More importantly even, I struggled to make my playing sound the way I thought it should sound - the rhythms in particular. I went to Irish music sessions and workshops as much as I could. I also spent a lot of time listening to Irish music recordings and trying to analyse the exact timing of jigs and reels, and how to transfer that onto my own bow and fingers... It led me to the conviction that the bowing is key, so when I teach and practice the fiddle I pay a lot of attention to the bowing. Around the same period I also developed a passion for all kinds of traditional dance, but Eastern European in particular. I never got as far as playing the music though, maybe in the future!

I spent two years in Ireland, immersing myself in the music, before moving to Scotland. I soon joined the Feral Choir, which - to my delight - opened my eyes (and voice!) to non-classical singing technique. My move to Scotland also awoke my interest in Scottish fiddle music. Between 2011 and 2018 I have visited many local primary schools, first as a vocal tutor and later as one of the Feis Rois tutors, delivering workshops in singing and traditional music. In 2015 I started to explore the ukulele and I trained as as Singing for Lung Health leader.

Now I am a full-time university student as well as a part-time music teacher, aiming to take my work with the youngest children to a higher level.

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My teaching methods reflect not only my training and work experience, but also the ways I learned to play - guitar mostly from written music, and fiddle mostly by ear. Even so, I believe it is important to include aural training and basic improvisation for both fiddle and guitar. Not only when teaching the fiddle, but also when teaching the guitar to a beginner, I try to do as much as possible by ear - for the student to get to know the instrument - before I introduce written music. After all, we learn to speak before we learn to read and write. (My own experience with traditional music is how nice it is to be able to pick up an instrument and play something, without sheet music!) Likewise, I would always encourage a fiddle student to learn to read music. For both instruments the ability to read music opens up an incredible wealth of material.

I believe my training and experience have made me into an all-round music teacher and performer - with specialisations in the Classical Guitar, Traditional Fiddle and Music Education. Even so, I am constantly looking for ways to improve and refresh my teaching.

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