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Caitlin Date: August 2019
I began studying voice with Ms. Kelly in January of 2004. I was sixteen years old and had been studying voice for three years. Ms. Kelly provided a perfect balance of discipline and support that allowed my young voice to develop a more mature, strong sound. We used many different vocal techniques to improve breath support and control, expand vocal range and create a consistent vocal tone. She introduced me to a wide range of classical repertoire and musical traditions. In Ms. Kelly’s lessons there was a good balance of vocalise to warm up my voice and time for learned new repertoire. In Ms. Kelly’s studio I was given the opportunity to perform regularly, improving my comfort level on stage. I also participated in the National Institute of Allied Arts in Harare Zimbabwe during 2004 and 2005, receiving Honors in several different categories and winning two Cups: Lynette Welch Cup for Best Vocal Performance under 18 (2004) and Paddy Edgecombe Cup for Open Recital (2005). In May of 2005 I presented a voice recital and performed a wide range of repertoire including Italian arias, Lieder, and Manuel de Falla’s “Siete Canciones Populares”. I studied with Ms. Kelly through June of 2005 when I graduated from secondary school and left the country for university. I am currently studying music at Tufts University in the United States and hope to pursue my Masters in Musical Performance soon after. In June of 2007 I will attend the International Institute of Vocal Arts in Chiari, Italy to study with voice teachers, coaches and opera directors from around the world. I have had great success in my undergraduate musical career and I have Ms. Kelly to thank for such a strong vocal foundation. She continues to be a source of immense support in all my endeavors and has been an invaluable mentor, teacher and friend. Caitlin Felsman [email protected]
Joanne Date: August 2019
To Whom It May Concern I write to advise that Lorna Kelly was my singing teacher from 1991 to 2001 during which time I learnt the following:- Breathing Technique Positioning of the voice – Lower, Middle and Upper Register Pitch Rhythm Timing Pronunciation of words – English / Italian / German Interpretation of the lyrics – English / Italian / German Presentation of the song both lyrically and musically Lorna is a truly gifted teacher. She builds your confidence through singing which in turn overflows into your every day life. Lorna is passionate about teaching. Her dedication and enthusiasm during every lesson tells that for Lorna, teaching is not a job but a passion. Due to her passion and love of music our relationship is not one of teacher / pupil but of special friends. Lorna has had an extremely successful musical career both as performer and teacher. Her career has lasted several decades and still continues today. Lorna has a wealth of experience and is always willing to share that information. Her ability to teach the necessary information is excellent. Lorna has a unique ability to simplify even the most complex of tasks. Lorna understands that there are many different types of singers in the world. She embraces all styles, lays down the musical foundation every singer needs and then encourages them to fly high and develop their own unique style – clipping their wings periodically if need be! Lorna has been a pillar of strength and knowledge for me over the years. Due to her encouragement and teaching, I have chosen music as my profession and have released six musical albums. I perform regularly at Corporate Functions, am a member of our Praise & Worship team and perform Educational School Shows throughout the week. To date I have had a very successful musical career of both singing and dancing for which I owe Lorna Kelly. I highly recommend Lorna Kelly to anyone who is asking for a singing teacher but of course know that with Lorna Kelly you get so much more! Yours faithfully Joanne Bacon
Neil Date: August 2019
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN REFERENCE FOR LORNA KELLY Lorna Kelly has been known to me for over twenty years in my dual capacity as Musical Director of the Harare City Orchestra and as Director of the Zimbabwe College of Music. We often worked together in Recitals, Orchestral Concerts and in the Theatre for Opera and Musicals. She was very dedicated in her preparation for concerts and performances and always gave very good performances. In addition to the above, she was, in my view, the best teacher of singing in Harare and for some years she was on the staff of the Zimbabwe College of Music as Teacher of Singing. Her students gained many Honours and Grade Ones in the local annual eisteddfod, which was adjudicated by adjudicators from the UK, often ABRSM examiners, and, latterly, from South Africa when the economic situation here made it impossible to have adjudicators from the UK. She also got good results in the LRSM Singing Exams. She gave her students a good grounding in technique and with her own experience as a performer, she was able to guide them when it came to performance. NEIL CHAPMAN. (May 2007) Retired Musical Director, Harare City Orchestra. Retired Director, Zimbabwe College of Music, Harare, Zimbabwe. (sadly deceased in 2013)
Patrick, Kim, Julie Ivan Date: August 2019
REFERENCES FROM STUDENTS OF LORNA KELLY I trained with Lorna Kelly for 18 months and in that short time went from an average singer to an award-winning soloist and performer, all thanks to her! I have now entered the X-Factor and have also applied to Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, both things I would never have had the confidence or the voice to do without her support, encouragement and fantastic teaching skills. She is a true inspiration to all who work with her and any lessons undertaken are a very worthwhile and excellent investment, something no one could regret doing. Patrick Barrett March 2007 (aged 16) [email protected] I was lucky enough to study with Lorna Kelly for 5 years. During that time, she slowly and methodically built my voice and gave me a secure technique which has been so incredibly valuable in my career so far. It allowed me to build on it, and be able to explore many different styles of music. Also, and just as importantly, Lorna passed on a tradition of musical integrity and thorough preparation for which I am forever grateful. Kim Brown (aged 32) March 2007 [email protected] Lorna Kelly is a fantastic voice teacher. In two years of training with her I learned more than I knew existed about the voice, control and technique. Under her training, my voice developed and I have been invited to sing at funerals, weddings, christenings, soirées and the Bulawayo Music Festival. I’ve also performed in theater productions and several concerts. With Lorna, I learned a wide range of music genres; opera, classical, jazz, operetta, Italian, German Lieder, and traditional folk music, as well as modern day classics. She has such a broad knowledge of music and never ceases to amaze me with her understanding of it. Lorna can take an average voice and coach it to become an outstanding and prominent one. Lorna teaches in such an encouraging and supportive manner that it makes you want to be better. She is a brilliant and very skilled teacher. I recommend her to anyone interested in developing their voice for professional or personal success. ~Julie Everswick- (Aged 16) April 2007 [email protected] "I have known Lorna Kelly for 3 years and trained with her for 2. Her teaching skills, knowledge, and experience helped me develop my voice from being a mediocre beginner, into a promising novice. Since training with her i have developed the confidence to audition with big Music Schools and to attack works that i had previously thought far out of my league. Ivan Nadalet (Aged 24) 9 Bedford Road, Avondale Harare Zimbabwe Te

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