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Mr Mark Ferguson
Helen Date: June 2018
Jessica and Nina started learning the piano three years ago. When they found themselves without a piano teacher, their school teacher recommended Mark Ferguson; happily they both recognised him from percussion sessions he had already taught in school and were delighted. Mark has taught the girls since 2010 in their own home. As with all school schedules, flexibility is important so Mark accommodates session changes wherever he can. Mrs R says, "Mark has been a God-send. Without him stepping into the frame, the girls would have needed to give up. They tried other teachers and schools but the motivation or appointment times were just not right. Mark manages to keep it fun and progress the girls' skills. He is taking them through their grades this year after persuading them they are now ready. I'm delighted that with Mark teaching them, I don't need to prompt them to practise as much any more since the girls really look forward to his lessons."
Jenny Date: June 2018
Rosa has been learning the piano with Mark for two years. Prior to her starting with Mark he had been teaching at Hawthorn Tree School teaching music, which showed he had great skills. On recommendation from a member of staff Rosa began to have lessons with him. He showed that he understood her needs and moved her quickly on to grades and in December 2011 she passed her Grade One. Rosa says, "Mark makes me feel happy when I do exams because I feel like I have achieved." She also says, "I am allowed to choose the piece I want to play and that makes me happier to play it." Mark is a great music teacher and an inspiration.

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