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Claire Date: November 2016
I loved my first session with Lilli. I was nervous and apprehensive in the lead up – what did confidence training mean? Would she expect me to sing a song straight away? Would she laugh at me … or worse, be like one of the judges on The Voice and be scathing in her feedback?! But about 2 minutes into the session, Lilli had put me at ease, had outlined what we would be covering and assured me that I would NOT have to sing a song today. We spoke, laughed and made ridiculous sounds for the next hour. Lilli was so friendly, so generous and so knowledgeable and we covered a lot of ground. She had great analogies and explanations of the exercises we were doing and what they were helping with, and everything about the session felt tailored to me – not a one-size-fits-all first session. Most of all, I came away from the call definitely feeling more confident – Lilli had quietly but surely boosted my opinion of my own singing, and in a funny way in myself.
Claire Date: November 2016
It was fab and I did most of the talking ….I was much more confident, the boys noticed a big change in my singing and stage presence xx Thank you
Becky Date: November 2016
As for Lilli she is one of the most genuine, lovely, down to earth, slightly crazy people I have ever met, but that’s what makes her so awesome. Every time we meet for rehearsals I come away with a massive smile on my face. 6 months ago I wouldn’t have even been able to speak in public let along sing, and recently I sang solo twice in the same weekend. My confidence has grown so much since joining Evo, and it’s pretty much down to Lilli. Her performances are so captivating and leave you wanting to hear more. Her vocal range is something else, no song is too much for her to tackle. She is the best vocal coach I could ever have asked for. I defy anyone to come to an Evo rehearsal and leave feeling anything but super excited for the next week. Lilli is one of a kind and a pretty damn awesome person to hang out with!
Emma Date: November 2016
Hi Lizz, I just wanted to say I loved your blog post. In fact, I cried when I read it. It was really powerful and alot of the things really rang true for me. I wont forgot the day we had that long chat at Amesbury and you told me this story. You were so inspiring and I went home that evening really full of motivation to look after myself and work hard to get back on track to being me again. I think you’ll be an excellent confidence coach. I have never known a more positive and determined individual!
Caroline Date: November 2016
“A phrase Lilli uses always sticks in my head when I feel like I can’t do something ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, I love this, it really gave me a push to try some thing really out of my comfort zone, doing an audition. I still found it a bit scary but I did it and felt massively proud of myself. I also attended Lill’s confidence building workshop, it was aimed at performance but has helped me in a lot of ways. i was able to perform part of a song I have loved for years in front of others and now have plans to continue pushing myself with more singing related challenges but it has also helped in other aspects of my life. Shortly after the workshop I put forward an idea I had been thinking about for work but hadn’t felt confident to present it, I am now heading up a new committee at work involved in developing others training needs. It felt really good to have my idea so well recieved. In fact I have since put forward a few other ideas too.
Nicole Date: November 2016
Lilli is an amazing person. I have been seeing Lilli since the age of around 16 and still gain loads of experience and confidence now almost 8 years later. Not only has she pushed my confidence in singing but also within me. I feel I have tackled amazing things with using skills I have gained from her knowledge and experience. Not only do I feel she has improved my skills, but she has with others around me. I have seen so many people come on leaps and bounds and that is all thanks to Lilli. I know I am not alone in saying she is an inspiration and a great woman to know. I would recommend anyone to Lilli who has confidence problems, not with just performing in singing but in life as she can really work wonders!

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