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Mr Nick Ruddock
Tom Date: August 2014
Nick is a highly valued teacher, with a calm and understanding nature. I've started off as an absolute beginner, knowing nothing about the guitar but now my ability has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year!! A year ago I would of never even considered that I'd be playing at such a high level as I am today, and I have Nick to thank for it! I would recommend Nick to anybody who wants to learn to play at any level, and not only is he a great teacher but also a lovely guy. Thanks Nick!
Danny Date: August 2014
Nick is an awesome teacher! Been learning from him for over a year now, and his lessons are inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to my session with him every week, and he's always teaching me cool new stuff!
Nick P Date: August 2014
Great teacher, great guy. A wealth of musical knowledge!
Shakira Date: August 2014
I really like Nicks lessons. He's so calm and relaxed. At first I was nervous because I had never played before, but within a few months of weekly lessons I couldn't believe how far I've come! I can now sit down and write songs on my guitar and sing, and its all thanks to Nick :)
Phil Date: August 2014
Nick lessons have been something I always look forward to each week. I wanted to learn classic funk like Chic but was an absolute beginner. Nick taught me the basics over 6 months or so and now I have excelled forward and am playing all the classic tracks I love listening to!! Well done Nick, would highly recommend you to anybody!
Sue Date: August 2014
Nick has been teaching our son Tom for the past year. Nick taught a workshop at Toms school, and we were delighted when Tom came home and said he wanted to learn the guitar! Tom suffers from severe ADHD, and we wanted to find something which he could concentrate and get involved with and would find rewarding at the same time. After Nick's worshop Tom had lessons on a weekly basis and we are so happy with the results and Tom's progress to date. Nick has done a first class job, and I've never seen Tom take to anything with the same relish and passion he has guitar!

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