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Mr Jonathan (Jonty) Slade
Mr Jonathan (Jonty) Slade
Melissa Date: August 2018
Jonty is outstanding. Easily among the best. I grew up with countless music instructors, most of whom were so focused on perfection and practice they did an excellent job of sucking the joy out of music. Jonty is charming, patient, and charming. He coaches students to love learning music, and not to be hard on themselves while doing so. He advises practice in moderation with the theory that doing so while frustrated will be pointless. I am convinced that our daughter excelled at flute on her own and in her orchestra mainly because she had so much fun with Jonty. It also helped that he is a truly exceptional flutist, so we had the opportunity to hear him play professional in the orchestra.
Catherine Date: August 2018
Jonty is far and away the most wonderful flute teacher I've had. He brings such joy to teaching that it's impossible to not be excited about playing around him. Beyond that, he is excellent at coming up with personalized ways to improve on specific skills--never have I had a flute teacher who was so good at explaining techniques in a way that I could understand and apply. I continue to use exercises that I learned with him today. The progress I made in the two years I had him as a teacher was the most significant progress I had made in a long time, having played for 9 years with 3 other teachers beforehand. I would highly recommend Jonty to any level of flute student!

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