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Ms Lisa Portus
Ms Lisa Portus
Sarah Date: May 2020
Lisa was the bassoon tutor at the High School of Glasgow from 2005-2016, when she relocated to Gloucestershire. Lisa is a highly experienced professional bassoonist, and teacher who taught pupils at both Junior School and Senior level, from beginner, through to post-Grade 8 standard. Her pupils have achieved National success, gaining places in the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, and were always well prepared for graded examinations, and high calibre school music competitions. Lisa is reliable, professional and a highly respected teacher. Her pupils are nurtured and inspired from the beginning, and Lisa takes great pride in their achievements. Ensemble work, establishing bassoon trios and quartets, are also important to Ms Portus, and pupils benefit hugely from the social side, not to mention the competitive side of music-making through chamber music. I recommend Ms Lisa Portus to you highly.
Janet Date: May 2020
Lisa taught my son bassoon for 6 years after introducing him to the instrument when he was 9 years old. Her encouragement and patient during this time were so much appreciated by me, and his musical ability blossomed under her tutelage to the extent that he was delighted when he auditioned successfully for the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. Adolescent years are not easy, but the bassoon, with Lisa in charge, has been a constant in his life to which he has always come back and I am sure this is not least because of Lisa’s infectious enthusiasm and love of the instrument. Her arranging skills were a delightful added bonus and it is a testament to her dedication to her pupils that she has arranged for, and even dedicated pieces to, my son and his fellow pupils. Thank you, Lisa, for all your hard work over the years; you are sadly missed now that you have moved away but in our family you have left a lasting legacy.
Eileen Date: May 2020
My daughter Mairi started taking bassoon lessons with Lisa when she was only 7. She had never played an instrument before and neither her father nor I are at all musical, so it was a completely new adventure for us all. Mairi initially played on a mini bassoon and she really flourished with Lisa’s care and attention. She was a naturally quiet child and her bassoon playing really helped her build her confidence. By the end of the first school year she was ready to sit her Grade 1 Exam which she passed with Merit! Mairi is now 15 and preparing for her Grade 8 exam! Lisa’s approach was to build confidence and musical knowledge and to let Mairi explore and have fun! She never missed an opportunity to play seasonal and topical tunes – sending home “We Wish you a Mairi Christmas” and Mairi’s favourite Harry Potter arrangements to keep her interested and excited! We’re happy and grateful to have had Mairi study bassoon with Lisa for so long and wish Lisa all the very best with her relocation back to England.
Gillian Date: May 2020
Lisa taught my son bassoon for almost 2 years from the age of 7. Callum thoroughly enjoyed his lessons with Lisa. Her enthusiasm and passion along with a relaxed but firm teaching style ignited Callum’s love for the bassoon and enabled him to achieve grade 3 merit before Lisa moved away. Lisa always sought topical tunes such as Harry Potter and Star Wars arrangements which kept Callum interested. Lisa has remained interested in Callum’s bassoon achievements since moving away which highlights her dedication and enthusiasm for her pupils.
Roshni Date: May 2020
I learned bassoon with Lisa for six years, and she inspired me with confidence, musicality and a love for playing the bassoon. Since leaving for uni, I’ve had multiple opportunities such as holding an Instrumental Award at Cambridge and being asked to play for all sorts of operas and shows, thanks to Lisa’s training. I love playing bassoon still, and would take up lessons with Lisa again, geography-permitting!”
Elinor Date: May 2020
Lisa was my teacher for 8 years, helping me to achieve Grades 1 to 8. Her teaching is full of enthusiasm and charisma, making learning from her an absolute joy. I have really missed our weekly lessons ever since leaving school. She is a skilful teacher and wonderful bassoonist- I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

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