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Miss Sally Salmon
Phil Date: July 2014
“I thought I knew a lot about singing – Sally’s opened my eyes to so much more. I’ve now got a stronger voice, recover quicker, have better control, and understand what I’m actually doing. Instinct plays a big part in singing, but being taught by Sally has really helped me to get the best out of my voice. Lessons are fun, informative, filled with titbits of useful information, and at the end of it you are clear on what you need to do to progress for the next time. I can’t recommend her enough.”
Olly Date: July 2014
“My first ever singing lesson today, I have always been concerned that a vocal coach would change my vocal delivery and might hinder my singing style… How wrong was I ! Sally has given me vocal knowledge beyond my expectation… The method of immediate repair after vocal straining was just amazing… My advice for any singer, from hair brush to professional is to call this girl. You will not be disappointed.”
Tracy Date: July 2014
“I never thought I would be able to sing, but thanks to Sally I am well on my way. I don’t mind singing in front of people, and people have commented on how much better my singing is! My lessons are so interesting and Sally makes the lessons fun!”
Naomi Date: July 2014
“Hi Sally, just want to thank you so much for helping me to have the confidence to sing again. I sang so much in my youth but then i lost confidence and couldn’t even sing at home for nearly ten years! you took your time with me and never pushed me, altho you did encourage me. each week you inspired me to try again. you also helped me to discover my voice, what range is best for me and what types of song suit me best. I really needed the lessons at the time to help let out some emotions and rebuild a bit of self confidence, for me it was so much more than just the singing. You were like my weekly therapy session and did wonder for my anxiety as you are so understanding. Music really does sooth the soul so thank you so much for helping me sooth mine :)”
Thomas Date: July 2014
“Thank you Sally Salmon for my first singing lesson today :) Ive already learnt so much! If anyone is looking to start singing lessons I really recommend asking Sally. She is a great teacher, friendly, calming and positive. Thank you again. Looking forward to the next lesson :)!”
Jack Date: February 2020
"Having attended Sally's Ultimate Singer's Masterclass, I couldn't have found it more interesting, comprehensive and fun! Also, as a singing teacher myself, it was fantastic to meet another teacher who shares a lot of the views, opinions and beliefs about singing as me. Whatever your level of ability and experience, there is always more you can learn. Sally is amazing to work with and will definitely help you get the most out of your voice"
Hannah Date: February 2020
Sally knows her stuff!! Very friendly and professional, her group has been a lot of fun and a great way to build confidence and skills vocally. Highly recommend
Leah Date: February 2020
Not only does Sally help me build my brand and my career, she helps me maintain my voice, I am a professional singer who has struggled with my voice in the past, I first met Sally after another local singer recommended her as the best person to go to for gigging singers needing help and training. I don't know what I would have done without her support and guidance. I trained for years and have a degree in music performance but feel like I learn more in one hour with Sally than what I have done in the whole of my singing lessons before!
Mal Date: February 2020
Have just started having lessons with Sally I already can notice the change and the benefits of having a one to one singing lessons
Lee Date: February 2020
ive seen a few vocal coaches over the years,but none as good as this lady,she makes it fun an not like a chore,sally is very flexible if you want too learn different things or any style,i cant recommend her cds enough,especially the daily essentials,thanks sally :)
Sarah Date: February 2020
I can not sing Sallys praises more, she's amazing. I have nearly finished 8 week masterclass course. it's amazing meeting so many amazing singers, with the same passion as me, learning how individually we can improve on our vocals. I sing in a choir, Gospel rd choir, which I love, but my dream is to do solo gigs. I never had the confidence to, but I do now, thanks to Sally. I have sung since i was 5, my mum putting me in talent shows, as had no fear, I dont have fear, but confidence is a different thing with me, believing in myself. I actually think I can do this now, and to perform is what I was born to do, I am someone else when I sing . And Sally has bought this out in me so Thankyou Sally, I will continue with lessons
Lisa Date: February 2020
Sally taught my daughter in one to one singing lessons initially with the primary focus to get my daughter ready for an audition. Sally’s advice and direction regarding song choice was perfect whilst never compromising vocal health. After the audition my daughter carried on lessons as she loved them so much and we could see (hear) the improvements. Sally’s lessons were great fun and focused. Thank you Sally for being a wonderful teacher and helping with not only singing but growing our 9 year olds confidence and ability.
Quilla Date: February 2020
Ever since I have been singing with Sally, I've learn't so much about technique, support, and singing over all. I've learnt about how the voice even works and how diet and health effects the voice. She is very genuine and friendly and cares if you are comfortable and have any concerns. I like how supportive she is in our one to ones and how she helps me reach goals I have with my voice. Because of Sally I have grown an interest on how the voice functions which is another reason I would recommend Sally as she knows what she is talking about which is inspiring. Definitely would recommend if your looking to start singing lessons or a vocal coach.
Sophie Date: February 2020
I have been singing with sally for over a year now and the change in not only my technique but my confidence is amazing. She is so friendly and I love how our lessons are tailored to what I want to do with my voice and the style of music I'd like to sing (although sally does challenge me to try new styles). I would definitely recommend starting with sally if you've ever considered vocal coaching!
Lisa Marie Date: February 2020
I started taking some vocal sessions with sally as I had almost completely lost my voice after a lot of giging not looking after myself and a hen weekend in Ibiza . Sally was amazing and managed to get my vocals back in a good condition . She taught me a variety of exercises for different situations for example when I could barley speak or to just strengthen my vocals . Her cds are great and well worth buying . I hope to return to some coaching in September .
Mandy Date: February 2020
I've been having lessons with Sally for a year now, and thoroughly enjoy them. I used to sing in the school choir (some considerable time ago now!) and was more than a little rusty, but Sally has helped me develop my voice beyond what I thought I was ever capable of. My vocal confidence has also grown, and Sally has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try vocal techniques I wouldn't have otherwise tried - I've even done an open mic session which I would never have done before!! Lessons with Sally are relaxed, fun, often challenging and sometimes exhausting, but I always feel like I've learnt and achieved something. I've also attended some of her workshops, which are friendly and informative, and have helped me to develop my signing technique further. I would recommend Sally to anybody who is thinking of having singing lessons - I'm certainly glad I did!!
Holly Date: February 2020
Sally isn't just my singing teacher, she's also more like a friend to me! She has a lovely personality, she is comforting, so friendly and supportive ever since my first lesson. I have had lessons with Sally for an ongoing 2 years now, and I still absolutely love it. She has challenged me as a person, build my confidence up and taught me so much within a short 2 years. I've grown alot as a person, and my voice has also grown and strengthened which I'm so grateful for! I'm so glad I found Sally, she has certainly made a difference in my life!- Holly
Clair Date: February 2020
Great teacher, I could listen to Sally all day!
Rosie Date: February 2020
Ive been doing singing lessons with Sally just over a year now , in that time, Sally has helped me so much with my confidence and self belief. My voice has become stronger and with her help and encouragement I'm beginning to do things that I didn't think I would be able to do. Through Sally's positivity and encouragement I'm starting to push myself in all areas of my singing and always look forward to my lessons as they are relaxed fun and set at a pace that suits me. Sally is an amazing and inspirational teacher who I would highly recommend to anybody looking to take on singing lessons wether its just for fun or looking to persue a career in music.
Sam Date: July 2014
“Sally’s professionalism and ability to teach both vocal technique and performance skills make her a fantastic teacher. Sally has the ability to unlock your inner voice and grant you the key to sustain it. I have worked with Sally a lot over the last few years. Sally has helped me to understand my vocal chords/singing style & helped turn my passion for music into profession.”
Craig Date: July 2014
“Sally is a great teacher before I started my lessons with her I couldn’t sing in front of anyone, now I feel more confident and know what style best suits me. she has helped me with vocal and breathing techniques and she plans her lessons based on what I can do and feel comfortable with as well as challenging me each time to work harder and push myself. I couldn’t ask for a more friendly and brilliant singing teacher :)”
John Date: July 2014
“Sally is a skilful singing tutor with great empathy for her students. She has an easy manner whilst demanding the highest standards. Sally also has an acute analytical perspective on the direction in which a singer should be heading.”
Leonie Date: July 2014
“I have really enjoyed doing my lessons with sally, and she has helped me so much with all my techniques. I’ve been doing lessons for nearly a year now, and its amazing how much sally has taught me and how much I have learnt I’ve improved so much and could notice the differnece within my first few sessions. its given me a lot more confidence. I would recommened her to anybody she is an amazing teacher :) x”
Christina Date: July 2014
“I have really enjoyed my lessons with Sally. She obviously knows a lot about music and works on all the technical stuff particularly to do with pitch and breathing. She helps me out with my life too! It is very complicated.”
Eloise Date: July 2014
“Sally is a great singing teacher,she teaches me different techniques and diaphragm and most of all BREATHING, I want to thank her as she has taught me so much, that my voice is definetly improving, I wouldn’t have got even better and stronger if it weren’t for Sally, thank you so much, your the bestest singing teacher anyone could have :D xxx”
Rishi Date: July 2014
“My Sister and I have been doing singing lessons with Sally for well over 6 months now and I cannot recommend her enough. We write and sing our own songs and have improved our singing so much since we’ve had Sally’s great tuition. With Sally’s great charisma and personality our confidence in our singing has improved too which is so important. She will also make sure your singing technique is safe, and that is a vital thing especially if you sing on a regular basis. I would say whatever level you’re at Sally Salmon’s lessons will certainly help:)”
Ash Date: July 2014
“I have been a singer for around six to seven years now and always found that no matter how hard a tried, I could not progress any further with my technique! – It wasn’t until four years ago, when I joined Hard Rock Band ‘Toxic Shock’ as lead singer that I seriously started to consider getting help with my vocals! – Luckily, I found Sally – Only after a few lessons did I notice the difference, but boy, did I notice the difference! – In my power, projection, tone, pitch control, everything that I had been striving for Sally had given me in a short period of time! – The more I stuck with her, the more I took in, the stronger my voice got! – I owe my current knowledge and my vocal sustainability to Sally’s training program and of course, Sally herself!”
Allison Date: July 2014
“Sally has been teaching our daughter Eloise for some time now.We have seen such an improvement with her voice and breathing technique, Sally is reliable, friendly and a great teacher, would definitely recommend her without a doubt”

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