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Mr Rob James
Mrs Woodward Date: April 2015
My daughter has had electric rock guitar lessons with Rob James for three years from the first time we met I knew that I had found the perfect guitar teacher who would be able to advance and encourage my daughters passion for guitar music. During the three years she has completed rock school examinations course on grades 1 to grade 5 with high marks gained on every occasion. The lessons are held in a friendly environment with excellent teaching in both practical and theory work which is undertaken during the lessons, since my daughter commenced having lessons with Rob James her guitar playing excelled and her love of music within the electric rock guitar became an even bigger passion. I would recommend Rob James to anyone who has a passion for guitar as he is an extremely talented teacher and modest man who puts his students first and is willing to help them achieve there potential in rock and acoustic guitar and brings out the best in his students." - Mrs Woodward (Nov 2014)
Wayne Date: April 2015
I started bass guitar lessons with Rob in April 2014. At that time, I had been in a rock band for about a year after spending some time teaching myself but had never had any bass guitar lessons. It was a constant struggle to keep up with the others in the band when we rehearsed, especially when we tried new material. After only a short time with Rob, I started to feel like an actual musician with a lot more confidence. I am now studying for my Grade 5 bass guitar exam in March 2015, after passing Grade 3 in December 2014 with Distinction (all thanks to Rob). I would highly recommend Rob as a tutor. He is both flexible and adaptable, and has an ability to make any student feel comfortable and relaxed. He shows great patience during our lessons whilst still encouraging and supporting improvements to my musical ability." - Wayne Collins (Feb 2015)
Dave Date: April 2015
I started having lessons with Rob 20 months ago. He was recommended by a friend. Any nerves that you may have are soon put to rest by Rob's friendly approach. Lessons are always enjoyable and the pace is set by yourself. Nothing is too much trouble and he is always keen to advise and help with any difficulties. Rob has a knack of breaking down the elements of a difficult piece and makes it more acheiveable. I have gained grades 2 & 3 and I am now working towards grade 5 Rockschool. Dave Aston 2014
Becky Date: April 2015
My nine year old daughter started having electric guitar lessons with Rob in August 2014, Rob is a fantastic guitar teacher who is very experienced and professional, and from the very beginning he has made us both feel at ease and gave me confidence in his ability to keep my daughter focused and make lessons extremely fun. Iím still astounded at how much sheís learnt in such a short space of time and that sheís already working towards her second exam. I would highly recommend Rob if you are considering guitar lessons for yourself or your children. Becky Holden 2014
Tony Date: April 2015
In the few months that I have been taking lessons from Rob James I feel that my playing ability and theory knowledge has significantly increased along with my appreciation of guitar and music in general. This has allowed me to take the blinkers off from just being an improving rock guitarist into becoming an improving musician. Robís own experiences of being in bands and on the music scene for many years demonstrates that he has been there, done that and is passing his wealth of knowledge on to those who want to benefit from it. Robís teaching methods both encourage and allow me to develop a playing style of my own, as opposed to trying to make me into a clone of the notable players from which I draw inspiration. Learning music theory in addition to the performance element was totally optional but I am glad I took the opportunity to add that string to my bow. It has helped progress my playing and gives a centre to work from when creating my own chord progressions and solos. It is both a fascinating and absorbing subject that I wish I would have taken an interest in years earlier. I found Robís contact details on the Rockschool website as I was looking for a reputable, certified teacher in my local area. I wanted to develop in such a way I could not just improve as a guitarist but receive academic recognition for my efforts. After an introductory lesson assessing my present level, I knew that I could trust Rob to deliver the goods and help guide me on my path to intermediate and advanced levels. We agreed upon a suitable starting point and this decision was proven to be accurate as I recently passed the grade 3 Rockschool guitar exam with a distinction. I believe my exam results are not just a reflection of my own effort but a tribute to good teaching too. I am now studying at level 4 guitar and intend to continue for as long as Rob will have me as a student. I also plan to broaden my abilities further by taking bass guitar lessons from Rob in the future as he is proficient in that too. Tony Tuckley 2015

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