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Mr Carl Higgs
Alison Date: August 2012
Excellent teacher, highly motivatated and makes choices of pieces to challenge and interest pupils. My son was thinking of giving up piano, but now he is being taught by Carl he is loving playing and improvising again.
Felix & Lorsa Date: August 2012
I am writing to recommend Mr. Carl Higgs, without reservation, to any students who want to learn piano. My son learned piano from Mr. Higgs since 2005 summer and passed the grade 8 examination in 2006 spring. My daughter started to learn piano from Mr. Higgs in 2006 when she was 6 years old. My daughter understood very little English at that time. Mr. Higgs is very patient and of very good communication ability. My daughter passed the grade 3 examination with distinction in 2008. She also won the 2nd and 1st prizes at Dudley Music Festival in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Felix Email from Lorsa, 29 Nov.2011; Dear Mr. Higgs, I would like to inform you that Angelina passed the Music Theory Exam with Merit (score: 85). Thank you. We are so lucky to have a music teacher like you who can not only help the children to pass the examinations but also encourage them to enjoy the learning music. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken to teach Angelina. Kind regards, Lorsa
Maggie Date: March 2014
Our son Charlie has just won the Dudley Music Festival Cup for Grade 2 piano March 2014. This is in no small part due to the perceptive and imaginative coaching from his tutor Carl Higgs. We know that Carl gives children a strong grounding in the basic techniques before guiding them to fulfil their potential – a winning formula!
Charlie Date: March 2014
My name is Charlie. Carl’s been teaching me for almost 2 years. I think Carl’s a good teacher because he is kind and friendly. He is understanding and a laugh. I think that Carl is an AMAZING teacher! Carl has awesome piano skills and he is quite easy to follow in terms of teaching.
Michelle Date: March 2014
Our eight year old daughter Hannah has gained so much confidence and encouragement from Carl Higgs. Although only having one lesson a week, the advice he gives is invaluable. Carl is very patient and seems to be able to approach Hannah on her level. He is always full of praise for her endeavours and manages to find something positive to end on. Earlier this year Carl provided Hannah the opportunity to play at Dudley Festival of Music, which was a brilliant experience for her. This would not have happened had it not been for Carl's obvious love of music and willingness to go the extra mile. For anyone who is thinking of learning the piano, I would recommend Carl Higgs. He is a rare package of a professional, genuine and unselfish human being.
Barry Date: December 2018
I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Carl Higgs as a piano teacher. He has taught both my children for a number of years (eight years for the oldest and five for the youngest). Under Carl’s direction, my children have progressed steadily through their grades, so that the eldest is now working towards Grade 7, and the youngest towards Grade 4. Not only this, BOTH children have won different categories in Dudley Music Festival, against stiff opposition, and regularly achieve Distinctions for their playing. As an ex Advisory, and Deputy Head Teacher, I am used to assessing teaching skills. Carl is an outstanding teacher. He is extremely professional, patient, communicates very well and has a great relationship with my sons. He is able to teach a variety of musical styles from classical to jazz and my wife and I have complete faith in trusting our sons' musical education to him.
Richard Date: August 2012
After having several months break from the piano due to what i can only describe as a waste of time and money with a previous teacher, I contacted Carl who made me feel at ease right away from the very first telephone call. He now provides me with weekly piano tuition and tailors the lessons with my personal goals in mind, he chooses pieces that I personally like which makes the lessons interesting, and pushes the envelope slightly each week regularly introducing new techniques, I can hostly say i look forward to my lesson each week and to hear Carl play at the end is a real pleasure and only makes me want to learn even more. I must extend my thanks to Carl and can only say If I eventually get to be even a tenth as good as him I'll be a happy chap. He's a true gent and has given my musical interest a true revival!

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