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Mr Kieran Gunter
Caroline Date: July 2018
Mr Kieran Gunter taught classic guitar at Richmond House School, an independent primary school in Headingley, Leeds. My youngest son, James, took lessons with Mr Gunter once a week from the Spring term in 2016 until the end of the summer in 2018. During this time, James improved in technical competence and performance ability, allowing him to sit his Trinity College London Guitar Grade 1 exam in March 2018. James went into the exam confidently, having been excellently prepared by Mr Gunter. He achieved level 1 award with distinction, achieving top grades in all aspects of the examination. Mr Gunter also led the ‘guitar group’ for the schools, of which my son James was part of. The group practiced playing guitar as a group, gathering together several children of various abilities. The group performed ‘Yellow Submarine’ by the Beatles at Prize Day in June 2018, in front of the whole school and parents who attended the ceremony. The group was calmly led by Mr Gunter and the performance was very well received by the audience. Based on the above experiences, I can recommend Mr Gunter should he be considered for a position as a guitar teacher.
Lucy Date: September 2019
We met Kieran through a council run Saturday music school. My Son Ollie wanted to learn the guitar and it seemed a great way to start. Although Ollie had not played guitar before he had tried several other instruments, so he was not a beginner in musical terms. From the start Kieran recognised Ollie's passion for music and helped him to realise it, initially on acoustic and then helped him progressed to electric guitar. After music school, Kieran took Ollie on as a private student and he continued to flourish. Ollie felt Kieran wasn't just a teacher but a friend and looked forward to not only learning to play guitar but a chance to discuss artists, genres, techniques and sharing ideas. He also had the opportunity to start writing his own songs with Kieran's help. I think if Kieran had not relocated, he would have had a student for life! Anyone who is lucky enough to become a student of Kieran’s will have, to quote my son "the best guitar teacher ever". I can only hope his new teacher will inspire him half as much.

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