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Dr Stamatia Statherou
Aileen Dickson Date: August 2015
It is rare to find such a knowledgeable and inspirational teacher as Stamatia. I have derived great benefit from her expert tuition which has helped me to improve my technique and enabled me to tackle more challenging repertoire. I would recommend her to anyone with an interest in piano playing.
Jeanette Kelsey Date: August 2015
Stamatia Statherous has been my piano teacher for more than a year now. I started with the express wish of making a recording in nine months and she guided me expertly and successfully to that aim. Her extensive knowledge of the composition and performance of the classical and contemporary repertory,( herself a composer and professional concert pianist), means that Stamatiaís teaching of my choices, which range (so far) from Bach to Shostakovich, is sensitive to the composerís period, style and interpretation. Stamatia recognises the enormous importance of teaching correct technique and is keen to nurture this at the earliest stages right from the start of a childís learning to play and at every stage thereafter. Every lesson brings me new insights in this respect, building up confidence in tackling more and more challenges. Myself a teacher, I appreciate in her, her erudition, precision, patience and complete dedication to her subject together with her undoubted ability to convey it at every level. Stamatia, with quiet enthusiasm and a complete understanding of the ability and potential of her students of whatever age, is, in my experience, an excellent teacher, who I feel lucky to have found. I leave each lesson bounding with pleasure and raring to go.
James Taylor, James Taylor Quartet Date: April 2016
Stamatia has been teaching me composition with piano performance for just over two years. In this time my skills for both have improved dramatically I have written choral and orchestral scores for the first time. These works have been commercially released and one has won an arts award. I have managed to empower myself to the point where I can take my musical idiom and combine it successfully with another to create something completely new. Stamatia has been sensitive to my areas of weakness. Nurturing, patient, extremely knowledgable and supportive. Also and maybe most important of all, working with her is great fun. Having tried various piano teachers I am very happy to give her the highest recommendation possible to anyone. I promise you she will up your game!!
Joyce Si Date: June 2016
I have been having lessons with Stamatia for two years to prepare for my diploma/DipABRSM exam. She is very helpful and knowledgable in what she is teaching. Her excellent piano techniques helped me learning the difficult parts of the pieces a lot easier.
Luke Madams Date: June 2016
Dr. Statherou is an attentive and compassionate teacher who possesses a thorough understanding of what it is about music that makes students want to learn. I would leave each lesson with a genuine renewed excitement and interest in music, and the resulting progress I made in just a year both in terms of technique and understanding was remarkable. I highly recommend her tutorship to anybody wishing to advance in musical studies, no matter what their current ability level or purposes in doing so.
Glen Allen Date: July 2016
I have been taking piano lessons with Stamatia for a little over two years now, I started as an absolute beginner with no experience of playing or any understanding of music theory. The standard of tuition I have received has been excellent, lessons are delivered in a clear and thoughtful manner and at every step she has taken the time to explain and guide me through learning the piano in a professional and courteous way. Stamatia possesses a truly encyclopedic knowledge combined with obvious natural talent as both a pianist and a teacher, I would not hesitate to recommend her tuition to anyone wanting to learn something new or further their abilities.

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