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Mr Matt Raymond
Steve Duffy Date: October 2011
I have had a few drum tutors over the years and I regard Matt Raymond as one of my best.  Matt has a friendly and relaxed, yet confident, style of tutoring, and while he will quickly assess your weaknesses and your strengths he will also give you the confidence and understanding to help you improve.  Matt understands that we can not all dedicate as much time as we would like to practice and as such works his teaching around your ability and eagerness to learn.  One of his strengths is technique and consequently my own technique has greatly improved and I feel much more comfortable in my own ability as a result.  If youíre looking for a new drum tutor, Look no further than Matt.  Iíve been with him for about 4 years now and I am a better drummer for it.
Alex Pattle Date: October 2011
Matt is clearly dedicated to my progress and success, and I have seen myself improve greatly under his tuition, more so than other drummers I know have with their own teachers. If it was not for his own passionate attitude towards the drums, I would not be as committed to or enjoy playing the drums as much as I do now, so thank you Matt!

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