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Ms Gemma Boyd MISM
Stuart Date: January 2017
"If you want to be a good double bass player, you will need a good teacher. If you want to be a great double bass player, you will need Gemma. Gemma is very thorough in everything she teaches, which in the long run will pay dividends; from posture to the perfection of bowing and pizzicato techniques. I look forward to each lesson."
Stuart Date: July 2017
"Gemma has been teaching me folk violin and jazz piano for about five months. She is very precise and technical in every aspect of her teachings. As an adult learner I've needed the chance to really focus and learn as much as I can. Therefore it's been important to find the very best teacher, so I'm lucky to have found Gemma!"
Rashmi Date: December 2017
"Raima has been learning the piano since July 2017. She has really enjoyed your lessons as you encourage her to do better each time. She loves the simple ways in which you explain music / rhythm to her, which helps her understanding of even difficult notes. She really enjoys your company and looks forward to her Friday's lesson. Thanks for all your help and encouragement and as a parent we are very pleased to have found you as her piano teacher."
Jacqueline Date: May 2018
"Gemma's piano teaching has been great for my daughter, Amy: She has relaxed and is enjoying Gemma's teaching. Gemma is very patient and giving with my daughter and explains everything well."
Swati Date: May 2018
"Gemma has been teaching our daughter for four months now. She is very punctual and prepares her teaching for our daughter's lessons with an emphasis on practising and playing correctly. Our daughter is very happy with her teaching."
Sutharshan Date: August 2018
"I would like to say one of the best things that happened for me in recent times, was to have started learning the piano with Gemma Boyd. She is very meticulous and focused. She has a very deep understanding of music and compositions, and diagnoses my difficulties in the lessons very quickly. I always admire the way she brings out the best in me and how she plans personalised lessons to suit my objectives and needs along the path to becoming a competent pianist. I always look forward to the lessons and of course not to mention the positive vibe she brings along with her every week."
Bina Date: August 2018
"I would recommend Gemma for anyone looking for a solid and enjoyable music education. My daughter has learnt a vast amount in the past four months including practical and theory and looks forward to her lesson. Gemma provides an all round experience with added fun. Many thanks."
Rajmonda Date: September 2018
"I was looking for guitar lessons for my son, so I went on Google and came across Gemma. Knowing Gemma has been a pleasure: Not only is she a brilliant teacher, but she has a unique method of teaching. She is very calm, very friendly, and most importantly, an amazing person. We are very pleased to have her as a teacher."
Navjit Date: December 2018
"Gemma is a very good teacher who is patient with me. She is very good at explaining how to and what to do in lessons. She has taught me a lot considering I only started to learn the piano at the beginning of September 2018."
Peter Date: February 2019
"Gemma is the best violin teacher! Always supportive, her lessons are tailored to the pupil's specific needs and tastes. Areas of weakness are identified and a plan of action developed and sympathetically implemented, while never forgetting that learning an instrument is meant to be a pleasurable experience."
Navjit Date: July 2020
“Gemma Boyd has taught me for over a year now and has helped to guide me through my Music GCSE course. She has given me great advice and allows me to progress and grow as a musician as well as encouraging me to explore different varieties and genres of music. I think that overall she is a wonderful teacher and was able to guide me through the difficulties that GCSEs bring.”
Andy Date: June 2012
"Gemma's lessons are always really stimulating and enjoyable. She takes a lot of time and effort to understand exactly what my playing needs are, and the lessons are obviously planned specifically with that in mind. I always come away from the lessons fired with enthusiasm for the instrument."

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