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Mrs Lyn Young
Mrs Lyn Young
Louise Date: October 2017
Lyn was my flute teacher for 10 years and took me from not being able to play a note all the way to grade 8. I looked forward to our weekly lesson and Lyn was always patient and supportive (even when I hadn't practised my scales!!). She makes learning fun! Louise
William Date: October 2017
A fun, informative and down to earth person, a fun and clear cut teacher. I've enjoyed every second of every lesson.
Becca Date: October 2017
Working with Lyn is so much fun, she has so much patience for when you canít get this quite right. Very knowledgeable and a wonderful person to spend time with. I canít recommend her enoughĒ
Isabel Date: October 2017
I had 10 years of flute lessons with Lyn and achieved a performance diploma. They were lots of fun and I always enjoyed my lessons. She was really supportive and helped me to prepare well for each exam. The lessons didn't only focus on exam pieces but we also played duets. She also encouraged me to join a concert band and take up the piccolo.
Mieke Date: October 2017
My daughter first went to Lyn when she was 8 years old and barely spoke any English. With her respectful and insightful way of teaching, Lyn encouraged her to enjoy the wonderful world of music making. Lyn always shared her findings with us, parents, and I have never doubted that my daughter was in safe and capable hands. Not only did Lyn help my daughter nurture and develop her musical talents, she was - and still is - also a positive role model as a person; humble, gracious and genuine.
M Date: September 2018
"As my first teacher, Lyn nurtured my love for singing in such a way that inspired me to pursue it as a career, and Iím now in my final year of undergraduate conservatoire studies. Lyn taught me how to be confident but humble, and to focus on my own journey rather than compare myself to others. Lyn is the kind of teacher who knows how to adjust her teaching style to each individual student, and she knows how to encourage you to challenge yourself without being pushy. I would recommend Lyn wholeheartedly as a music teacher, you know youíre in safe, professional and caring hands with her."
Emily Date: September 2018
"When I first started my lessons, I lacked confidence. Lyn was always reassuring and helped me reach my full potential. From being so nervous I often refused to sing, Lyn helped me compete in local competitions and achieve grades. Lyn was always encouraging and pushed me to improve, without ever making me feel uncomfortable or out of my depth. I enjoyed singing a range of music with Lyn, which meant I never felt bored. Lyn has allowed me to continue my love for singing, by giving me the confidence to audition for university choirs."

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