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Mrs Katherine Collinge
Mrs Katherine Collinge
Angeselle Date: November 2019
My daughters both love having piano lessons with Katherine who has given them an appreciation of playing different music and a method of teaching theory and technique that is fun, memorable and applicable to the pieces they are learning to play. Aswell as studying for grades, they are given lots of opportunity to choose music they like from different genres , and to try their hand at improvisation which they both love. What’s more, Katherine is an extraordinary person- kind, creative and calm, which makes lessons such fun! Thankyou so much. Angeselle, (parent )
Hannah Date: November 2019
Katherine is an amazing piano teacher because she is really nice and teaches in a way that makes everything easy to understand. There are so many different things you can do in her lessons. She also lets me play a wide variety of pieces so I really enjoy playing the piano. Katherine also gives me the confidence to challenge myself and I would really recommend her!” Hannah, (14)
Myrtle Date: November 2019
“ I think Katherine’s music lessons are good because she is patient with my learning and never puts me on a level that I am not confident with. I am now on grade 1 and she helps me understand scales and her piano sounds amazing. I have been on grade 1 for 3 months and I have already learnt all of my scales in the book thanks to Kathrine’s help. She always makes everything fun and challenging. I love Katherine’s piano lessons and I think you will too. “ Myrtle, (9)
Ginny Date: November 2019
“ I cannot recommend Katherine highly enough as a piano teacher. She has been teaching my son Max for 7 years during which time he has made excellent progress. Katherine has a very patient, encouraging and supportive approach to teaching, always providing a calm and relaxed learning environment. Her lessons have not only helped to develop Max’s musical ability but also his self – confidence as an individual. Max has been given the opportunity to explore different genres of music in his piano lessons- from classical to jazz and film scores and Katherine has actively encouraged him to be creative, to improvise and to compose his own pieces. Katherine’s knowledge and passion for music make her an inspirational teacher. (Ginny, Parent)
Mathilda Date: November 2019
“ I like having lessons with Katherine because she is nice and kind” (Mathila, age 5)
Toby Date: November 2019
Lessons with Katherine are really good. I’ve been with her for 5 years. She’s really encouraging and has even helped me get into a band!” (Toby, age 11)
Emma Date: November 2019
My son gets so much from his lessons with Katherine. She’s amazingly talented and provides a calm, supportive environment within her lessons. I highly recommend her!” (Emma , parent)
Jenna Date: November 2019
Katherine is a wonderful teacher. I have been with her now for 7 years and I am confident that she is the best teacher out there. She never puts pressure on me and has helped me improve my confidence aswell as my skill in playing” (Jenna, age 14)
Sara Date: November 2019
Katherine is a kind, intuitive teacher who has guided my daughter through not only her grades but also some wonderful pieces of music too. She is inspiring, positive and supportive in her approach. She teaches not only the skills required but also encourages self expression and promotes self esteem” (Sara , parent)
Nicola Date: November 2019
Since starting piano with Katherine, Olivia has advanced quickly and with such confidence. She leaves her lesson each week on an absolute high and cannot wait for the following week” (Nicola, parent)
Olivia Date: November 2019
Piano lessons with Katherine have allowed me to express myself musically. I am very confortable with Katherine as my tutor and would recommend her to any of my friends who are thinking about learning the piano” (Olivia, 10)
Sally Date: November 2019
Katherine is a fabulous teacher and her lessons are fun and relaxed . Her passion and enthusiasm for music has definitely encouraged and inspired Amelie’s learning. We are delighted with her progress so far” (Sally parent)
Amelie Date: November 2019
“ I have been learning piano with Katherine for 7 months . I’ve enjoyed the lessons. Katherine has made them fun” (Amelie, 12)

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