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Mrs Jessica Broderick
Mrs Jessica Broderick
Laura Date: January 2013
I really enjoyed my lessons with Jess. During my time with her I was working on passing piano exams and with amazing patience she helped me through grade one to three. I really liked the fact we worked at a pace that I was comfortable with which made the lessons fun but we also worked with a purpose towards each grade and usually achieved what I had set out to do with her help. My sight reading and playing technique improved massively during my time with Jess, and since my lessons with her I have found I am able to work through other pieces at my own leisure and enjoy playing them. For anyone who is looking for a fun, sociable and incredibly talented piano teacher I would recommend you contact Jess!
Erenie Date: January 2013
I had singing lessons with Jessica Samuel over the course of 2 ½ years, and in that time I learned many skills from her which helped my control and technique with regards to my singing. She taught me breathing techniques and a singing technique called Speech Level Singing, which taught me how to sing using a mix of my head and chest voice. I also learnt how to access my chest voice as I previously sang only in my head voice. I would recommend Jessica to teach anyone! She is a friendly and encouraging teacher, and she puts you at ease and helps you to achieve things you didnít think possible.
Mel Date: October 2014
My daughter Lottie aged 9 has been attending singing lessons with Jessica Samuel for almost a year and has not only shown major progress in her singing but has grown in her self confidence. Lottie was a very shy little girl without any belief in her ability to sing, she would shy away from joining drama/singing groups at school although her voice was beautiful. I contacted Jessica to discuss the possibility of Lottie having private lessons and she was more than happy to help. Jessica has built up a fantastic relationship with Lottie and has encouraged her every step of the way. Lottie took and passed her Grade 1 Vocal in Rock & pop earlier this year which showed a massive achievement in her confidence. Jessica has not only supported Lottie in her singing but has helped her grow in her confidence and self worth for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend Jessica as a music teacher for young children.
Emma Date: October 2014
Jessica has been teaching piano and singing to my 8 year old daughter for around a year and a half now and has been excellent throughout that time. She is incredibly patient, always happy and has the ability to make my daughter feel very at ease in her company. My daughter has gone from strength to strength since beginning lessons with Jessica, in terms of her grasp of the basics and her overall confidence in herself, which has been great. Jessica moves at whatever pace my daughter feels comfortable at, which enables her to feel secure and happy and leads to her enjoying her music lessons immensely. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone thinking of starting piano or singing lessons.
Amanda Date: December 2017
Jess has been teaching my son for around 6 months and I have nothing but good things to say! I have watched him grow in confidence so much and from a shy little boy he has now performed his piano piece in front of his whole school at assembly - quite the achievement! She is very patient and encouraging and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Emily Date: March 2018
I had always wanted to learn to play the piano, but as an adult with no musical history I was anxious about starting from scratch. From my very first enquiry, Jessica put me at ease and was friendly yet professional. From my first lesson it was clear Jessica was the teacher for me, she was welcoming and always smiling! Jessica works at a pace that suits me, and when I'm struggling she helps to build my confidence. She patient and kind, and never makes me feel stupid, even when I get things wrong repeatedly! I am enjoying learning the piano more than I ever thought I would! And that is down to Jessica, she's a wonderful teacher!

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