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Mr John Davies
T Bourne Date: December 2010
I started to learn to play the drums in my forties. It is not easy to take up something completely new having followed a fairly high pressure career and being used to generally doing things well and being the person in control. Suddenly you become this useless person with no co-ordination. To deal with this you need a teacher who commands your respect, clearly knows exactly what he is doing, and has the patience and ability to deal with your inevitable frustration. John has all these things, and he is makes the process enjoyable. He has the experience to deconstruct what you are doing and build things up slowly. Regardless of how much time you can give to practice or what level you are at with your drumming - I am sure John would always give a lesson 100%, make it interesting and try to find new ways to capture your attention. Not only that - he is a great person to spend an hour with - and when you do not have many hours a week to spare, this is an important consideration. I would recommend John Davies to anyone. Whatever time you have to give to learning to play the drums, he will enable to make the best of your ability.
M Keating Date: December 2010
John's knowledge, technique and experience on drums shows through in everything he teaches. His lessons are always very clear and well-thought out and the material very well chosen. John is patient and respectful and his lessons are always interesting and enjoyable.
L Winder Date: January 2011
I'd been playing drums for a while without formal lessons, and when I started learning with John he was brilliant at initially assessing my level, and throughout, giving me a framework to work out where the gaps were and how I could develop to become a much better drummer. From early days basics, to playing songs and learning more complex exercises, every lesson is fun, filled with enthusiasm and I always come away feeling like I've moved on. It's great to learn from someone who is clearly a very talented drummer, and also a patient and encouraging teacher.
L. Rees Date: August 2014
My son has really enjoyed his lessons with John over the past few years. I think the progress after each lesson is noticeable, and I definitely appreciate his flexibility in fitting into our family's hectic schedule!
Dr. C. James Date: August 2014
I started with John as a complete beginner at 25, simply out of a desire to try something new. After the first lesson - awkwardly bashing away to some music- I was hooked. The lessons have been a perfect blend of music theory applied to playing songs and having a laugh. It has opened me up to music genres I never thought I would like- especially jazz! - and has left me annoying housemates and commuters alike with incessant tapping and air drumming to songs I'm trying to learn. Fantastic studio, great teacher! I cannot recommend drummin time highly enough! Rock on!"
C. Read-Beche Date: August 2014
John has the patience and enthusiasm to keep my son focused and able to enjoy his lessons whilst also learning. My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and is learning to play the drums quicker than i could have imagined. I believe this is down to John's method.
G. Thompson Date: August 2014
Although I played the drums in my teenage years, I didn't undertake formal lessons. Now, some 20 years on, I picked up the sticks again and started lessons with John in an attempt to address my numerous shortcomings. He accurately assessed my level of competence and has encouraged and developed my playing over the past year. I have really enjoyed the experience as John's approach is patient, supportive and challenging (at the right level), his instructions are clear and his teaching materials support effective progression. His lessons are great fun especially when we deconstruct a song and his own talent and knowledge shine through.

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