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I picked up the bass guitar in my teens - I never wanted to be a guitar player or play any other instrument, I've always been "all about that bass"!

Within a few months of starting playing I was jamming every week in a friend's cellar making a terrible racket, and within about a year I joined my first proper band. I put off going to University, convinced we were going to hit the big time. We stuck it out for about 5 years during which time we played 100s of shows and recorded a few EPs but in the end it didn't happen. Unfortunately we were a bit too 80s rock to be cool in the 90s, and about 20 years too early for the 80s revival!

Since then I've had proper jobs and a fairly normal life but playing bass and being in a band has always been a part of it. I've been in other original bands, spent time in the studio, played hundreds more shows, spent thousands of hours practising, been in a couple of busy function bands and spent 10 years in instrument retail. Today I play in a 5-piece function band called Cassette Roulette which I love to bits, when I'm not teaching I'm working for the band!

I'm now in my 40s and a few years ago I got serious again about wanting to make a living from doing something I love. Playing bass is one part of that but I genuinely love teaching bass just as much - my mum is a teacher, my wife is a teacher and it's a profession I would have followed had I not got bitten by the music bug as a teen. Nothing makes me happier than seeing seeing someone else getting bitten by that same bug. :)

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Address: Rattle & Drum Music
77-81 Osmaston Road
Phone: 07515355038
Mobile: 07515355038
Fee (30 minutes): £15.00

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