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Mr Yuri Sabatini
Bill Date: January 2011
"How do you judge a good teacher Someone that can explain clearly what is required,a person that has patience when their pupil finds things hard to grasp, a good teacher can always find alternative routes to get a point across and different methods... a person that can demonstate the skills required. Yuri Sabatini has all these skills in abundance and of course not only has he a great voice coach, he is a great tenor. Every lesson that I've had has been enjoyable and I have learnt something new and improved with each lesson! Everyone tells me that my voice has improved a lot and there's a warmth that wasn't there before. Also, I can sing longer without getting tired and my high notes are not a problem anymore."
Manisha Date: January 2011
"Wanted to thank you for another wonderful class and for being such an inspiring and amazing teacher!"
Elana Date: January 2011
"Yuri is a fantastic singing teacher. He is encouraging and engaged and adapts his methods well to the learning styles of his pupils. He fosters a relaxed atmosphere while still concentrating on important technical skills and training.I have sung with many singing teachers before Yuri and have found my experiences singing with Yuri to be up there with the best of them... He concentrates not only on singing skill but how you appear on stage as well... And if you're around at the right time of day you may even score a real italian risotto for lunch!I have learned a lot from Yuri and am sure I'll continue to improve under his guidance."
Sean Date: January 2011
"As someone with no musical background I was apprehensive about starting singing lessons but felt immediately confortable in the welcoming and supportive environment Yuri creates. He has an excepional voice which is itself inpiring, moreover he is a naturally gifted teacher - tailoring sessions to the right level, making lessons exciting, effective and a time to look forward to. Yuri is always able to use innovate methods to overcome any difficulties I may be having in moving past a particular step in my learning. He utilises both mistakes and successes as to reinforce good technique and root out bad habits. Even though the sessions are delivered in a relaxed manner, a lot is packed in. That Yuri is trained as an opera singer reflects his high calibre as a teacher, with great knowledge of musical principles, concepts and training methods. On a personal level Yuri is very approachable and easy to build a rapport with. I am impressed with his passion not just to impart technical ability but to build confidence as well. The nature of singing is very much personal (as opposed to an instrument which isn't so intimately expressive of oneself) and Yuri is more than capable of leading students through development of expression (in addition to technical skill). I continue to gain more than I expected to from working with Yuri and would highly recommend him to anyone!"
Carole Date: January 2011
"Yuri has been one of those unexpected surprises, a happy blend of everything you could possibly ask for in any teacher. Immensely kind and patient, he listens attentively to your voice and persuasively enables you to bring forth the best vocal sound. ...It's very unusual to find someone who is not only gifted in their own craft but is also a wonderful teacher. The interesting thing about Yuri is that he never says what you are doing, vocally, is wrong, but how, with particular exercises, you can attain the correct position to access the desired sound, which is both unique and, excitingly, your own!"
Giona Date: May 2013
"I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous knowledge and ability to bring the best out of a young singer like me.Your insights and experience keep me always surprised and delighted. I found your teaching method pleasant, accurate and I would recommend your services to anyone that is serious in learning the beautiful art of singing."

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