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Shane Record Date: September 2014
I'm a professional artist and started learning the piano with Sam in 2009. In addition to her being a superb, diligent, observant and encouraging teacher, learning the piano has helped me in ways I could not have anticipated. My daily routine of piano practice has helped me relieve stress, get into a frame of mind that has improved my focus in my work and helped me progress in my career as an artist.
Camille Date: September 2014
I am amazed at how much progress I have made since starting piano lessons with Sam in January 2014. She is an excellent teacher who constantly strives to help pupils reach their full potential by paying careful attention to their individual ways of learning. I could never have dreamt of reaching this standard in such a short space of time.
Eleanor & Barney Date: September 2014
Sam has been teaching our son, Joe, for over two years, starting at a point when he wanted to stop learning the piano (he had been attending lessons via school). Since starting with Sam, he has developed a love of the piano. Sam works extremely hard to inspire and motivate her pupils; tailoring pieces to suit her studentsí interests as well as introducing them to a range of genres. Samís lessons also incorporate music theory, which really helped Joe as he joined secondary school and began formal music lessons. He is now playing the piano in school assemblies and is currently auditioning for the school orchestra. Sam has been enormously supportive with this, working through performance pieces with him and teaching strategies for overcoming nerves. We canít recommend Sam highly enough!
Sue Date: September 2014
My daughter, Charlotte, has been having piano lessons with Samantha for over six years. In that time, Charlotte has progressed with her playing and theory in leaps and bounds and grown in confidence. This is down to Samantha's kind, caring and professional teaching and encouragement. Music is Charlotte's favourite subject, and one in which she excells. It is important for children to have interests outside of school, and the piano is a brilliant outlet. Samantha is an amazing teacher, and can't recommend her highly enough.
Kerry Date: September 2014
Samantha Kember has been teaching my children piano for almost two years. The two children have have a 3 year age difference and very different interests and abilities, Samantha keeps both enthused and stimulated and both are making fantastic progress. She works with each childs strengths and interests whilst encouraging a wide range of musical styles. I do not play piano but Samantha provides feedback to parents that is both useful and informative after every lesson so that I can confidently help with daily practice if required. I would not hesitate to recommend Samantha as a piano teacher to anyone of any age or ability.
Emily Date: September 2014
Sam is a very encouraging teacher and always makes sure that I know each piece of music perfectly. She also checks that I understand everything to do with notes and theroy. She makes me feel confident with my playing and I'm not afraid to make a mistake. Sam is an amazing teacher!
Tania, mother of Emily Date: September 2014
Sam has been teaching our daughter Emily for 18 months and her playing ability has gone from strength to strength. She is always motivated, happy and keen to practice and feels confident enough to play to anyone who comes to our house. Sam's passion for music and learning combined with her warm nature, patience, enthusiasm and never ending encouragement make her an exceptionally fantastic teacher who is dedicated to each and every pupil she teaches.
Nima Date: October 2014
I am so grateful to Sam for the amazing progress both my children have made since they have been learning with her. Sam is an excellent piano teacher who cares about her students' learning, brings the best out of them whilst at the same time makes sure that they are enjoying their lessons. She is always dedicated in her work and is very supportive to both the children and parents, guiding them well throughout their learning, especially during exam times. Sam is the best piano teacher my children have ever had. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn the piano.
Tilly Date: October 2014
Samantha is a great piano teacher. She is very patient when I'm learning new things, and explains them in ways that I can understand. I enjoy my lessons every time.
Alison Date: October 2014
My children have been coming to Samantha for piano lessons for many years now. They are becoming accomplished pianists, and enjoy playing and making music. Samantha is friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming. Her great passion for music and teaching others is evident in everything she does, and she instils in her pupils a love of playing the piano right from the start. She has undoubted musical expertise which she effortlessly shares with her pupils. But don't just take it from me! My 16 year old says Samantha is friendly, fun and very knowledgeable. My 12 year old says Samantha is friendly, kind and patient and makes learning enjoyable.
Cathrine Date: October 2014
My daughter has been having piano lessons for 6 years with Samantha. She has achieved a distinction in grades 1-4 and working on grade 5. The hard work, dedication and determination from my daughter is absolutely stemmed from the high standard of teaching from Samantha. Samanthaís patience and perseverance are second to none, she has a lovely calm but firm manner and seems to be able to get the best out of my daughter. Ellen is looking forward to many more years of learning from samantha and achieving her grade 8. Samantha has contributed and been a huge part of Ellenís love of music and playing instruments and for this I am so grateful. I would highly recommend Samantha to anyone wishing to have piano lessons.

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