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Mrs Katie Vedder
Trevor (Jacob’s father) Date: September 2015
“He looks forward to his lesson with you each week and as a parent it is great to hear the music you make together and to hear the two of you talk and laugh. You are a great influence and a great instructor for my son… At a recent interview at an SEC University with the Clarinet Professor he told my son “Your current clarinet instructor is teaching, and focusing, on the right things with your development…”
Madeline Date: September 2015
“Katie has been my music teacher for over two years. I love having her as my teacher. She’s encouraging, helpful, and teaches everything I need to know. We practice lots of genres of music, so it never gets boring. Katie focuses on things that I really want to learn, like jazz, but also makes sure that I know the essentials. I’m always happy when Katie comes to Colorado every few months to teach me in person and organize recitals.”
Carolyn McKoy Date: September 2015
“At 60 years old, I decided to try to pick up the clarinet again to play in our church orchestra. I had not played clarinet for over 40 years and within a few months of lessons with Katie, I met my goal. Katie understands that my arthritic fingers and older mind aren’t as limber and quick as they were when I was young and she has been very patient with me and has taught me alternative ways to do things. At this stage in my life, practicing clarinet isn’t my number one priority, but it has been a fun having Katie help me reach my goal of actually playing with our church’s ‘real musicians’.”

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