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Mrs Brittany Soriano L.R.S.M
Mrs Brittany Soriano L.R.S.M
Brett Date: August 2012
“Brittany is an extraordinary talent, and her passion (and patience!) as a teacher shines through. As a parent of a somewhat shy child, it was a small miracle to see that child sing in public after lessons with Brittany. Would recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Leone Date: August 2012
“Brittany was a wonderful voice teacher. She was very supporting, understanding and always seemed to be smiling. I learned more from her than any of my previous voice teachers. There was a very noticeable difference with my singing thanks to her training and teaching. She made sure that I was always working on songs that I enjoyed singing. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their voice, or just enjoys singing.”
Jennifer Date: August 2012
I can't thank you enough for the gift you have given to both my children. Both are really shy, and you nurtured them; gave them the confidence and skills to sing on stage in front of a crowd. And they love singing! I credit you completely for the love of singing and the ability to share their voices. Thank you!
Kelsey Date: August 2012
There are three words that describe Brittany......BEST TEACHER EVER! I joined the studio that Brittany worked at when I was eight; she was my vocal teacher for two of my classes. I went into those classes knowing how to sing but I couldn't really stay on pitch. After just one year with Brittany I was much better, no superstar but I was on the right track. The next year she became my private vocal teacher. Brittany has taught me so much and I can even stay on pitch. I have done songs from in a different language, classical songs, and my favourite Broadway songs. This passed Christmas I went to New York for dance and vocal workshops. One of the workshops I had the opportunity to work with a vocal coach named Steven Cirillo. Steven has worked with people that are currently on Broadway as well as some of the cast members from the TV series Glee. I sang Popular from the Broadway musical Wicked for him and he said it was the best he had ever heard someone my age sing it. I also participated in our local music festival (vocal competition) I again sang Popular and the adjudicator said he loathed Wicked especially Popular because it is so over done. I thought I was in trouble but he asked me how old I was I said I was eleven and said it was the best he had heard someone at that age or any age (other than Wicked cast members) sing that. Just think Brittany taught me that. Brittany helped me choose songs that fit my voice, range and personality, she did this so I could relate to the song and do the best I could when I sang it. I was with Brittany for three years but now that she has moved away I need to find a new teacher. I know I can get a good teacher but I don't know if I can find a great teacher like Brittany was!!!! Let's just say Brittany was the best teacher I have ever had. You would be lucky to have Brittany as a vocal teacher. She has a lot of experience to share and teach you, and you will have a lot of fun working with her.

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