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Mr Sebastian Stanley
Jo Date: March 2013
What a patient and kind teacher you are Sebastian. I have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson and learn something new each time.
Kaz Date: March 2013
Thank you Sebastian for supporting me through the last few years and all my grades. Now grade 8 is out of the way I look forward to working with you further to unlock more potential. I could not have done it without you.
Reshmi Date: March 2013
I love my lessons, and you're always so kind Sebastian. Very strict, but always in a good way and I feel I make very real progress. Cheers.
Bernie Date: March 2013
Thanks for being such a source of inspiration and commitment to Georgina. I can tell you she loves every minute of her lessons and her success is testament to just how hard, and fairly you push her.
Alec Date: May 2013
Thank you Sebastian for the last 5 years. I know we have had our ups and downs but you have always helped me and always looked out for me. I shall miss your teaching and will keep you updated in my career.
James Date: August 2017
I've been having lessons with Sebastian for about a year now and have enjoyed every moment. The lessons are fun and easy to follow, Sebastians way of teaching makes it easy to understand even some of the more challenging parts of playing. I'm the short time I've been with Sebastian I've learnt so much and want to keep learning more, I didn't think I would enjoy Classical piano as much as I do now. Sebastian is always very flexible to work around my commitments and a truly amazing teacher I highly recommend Sebastian to anyone looking to learn.
Judith Date: August 2017
Sebastian is a wonderful teacher. He combines a kind, patient and caring approach with a focus on the hidden depths of the music. He has recently coached me for my ATCL diploma and encouraged me every step of the way. Now we are venturing into chamber music! He is also a wonderful pianist himself. He passes on the techniques he has learnt over the years, as well as tips for effective practice. Sometimes I wish I could spend a lesson just listening to him play!
Andrew Date: August 2017
Excellent teacher and very nice guy as well. Sebastian succeeds in making our lessons enjoyable, challenging and motivating at the same time. He somehow manages to demystify the art of playing by giving highly practical advice on overcoming technical challenges, and I've found this approach to be very effective. Highly recommended.
Susan Date: August 2017
Sebastian started teaching my son the piano earlier this year. In a very short space of time, he has improved tremendously and even enjoys practising! A very impressive result, thanks to Sebastian's teaching talent.
Wojcieck Date: August 2017
I've known Sebastian for many years now. Being a world class pianist, you cannot afford to miss the smallest level of detail when it comes to playing; Sebastian clearly demonstrates this during each and every one of his lessons. I have had many people who taught me piano, but to the level that Sebastian goes, I've known no one else. Whatever improvements there are to be made, Sebastian will not let them slip by. My articulation, hand technique and control of dynamics before I met Sebastian were nothing like what they are now. With that in mind, I wish to say it has been a great privilege of knowing Sebastian. I will be off to university soon, so I will be living elsewhere. I do, however, thoroughly recommend seizing this opportunity of taking lessons with Sebastian if you are an aspiring pianist who would take this seriously and seek every possible way of improving your piano performance with his guidance.

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