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Miss Victoria Smith
Rod Date: April 2011
Vicky is an extremely talented and versatile bass guitarist, well versed in a broad range of musical styles in which she is actively involved as a professional performer. Her playing ability and pleasant personality immediately command respect and these qualities, combined with being flexible and well organised, make her an excellent tutor. Starting as a complete novice, I have enjoyed her structured, patient approach, incorporating my interests within a disciplined programme, with clear milestones and a real sense of achievement. She is totally reliable and a real pleasure to work with. Progress continues to exceed my expectations and Vicky manages to make the whole learning experience great fun too ! I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Dominic Date: June 2012
Iíve been playing for approximately 10 months and have been taught for 9 of those by Victoria. Each lesson has been tailored for my needs and to the style of music which I enjoy most. Lessons are great fun, yet challenging without having unrealistic goals. Victoria has fantastic enthusiasm towards her teaching and this transmits into my playing. She is teaching me various techniques for different songs styles. Victoria has the patient of a saint! Especially when I try to play too many notes in a bar!!!!! I feel I've made great progress under Victoria's guidance, I canít recommend her highly enough & always look forward to the day of my next lesson. Thanks Victoria, keep up the good work.
Carlos Date: January 2014
I was a self-taught bass player for 3 years and felt that I was running into a brick wall with my playing, I contacted Victoria to see if she could help me out. Victoria has given me the confidence and knowledge to further my playing to the point that I feel confident enough to find auditions; record and most importantly enjoy what Iím doing again!!
Chloe Date: February 2017
When I started learning bass, I had no idea what styles or direction I wanted to go in, I just wanted to play. Vicky started me off with some basic understanding of theory (and remaining very patient as I stumbled through a little bit at first!), as well as playing along to some of my favourite tracks. As my playing improved and after playing a varied mix of different styles, I began to find my groove and start to realise the direction I wanted to go in which we have been building on ever since. Vicky is very patient and a great teacher, explaining everything well - not just how to play things but why things work and the theory behind them. When I've mastered something, I feel that Vicky encourages and gently pushes me further out of my comfort zone in order to keep things fresh and challenging - it makes for a great sense of achievement! Each lesson has a great mix of good pace but also spending the time to explain. I would definitely recommend her for anyone wanting to learn bass from scratch or to brush up on technique or theory.
Julia Date: July 2017
This woman is amazing, because of her I was able to accomplish so much. Thank you so much Victoria!
Bob Date: November 2017
Victoria is a very accomplished bass player and an excellent tutor. I came to the bass, and music, in late middle age and, after several years of struggling, had lost my way and almost given up. In Victoria I found a tutor who was both empathetic and encouraging. She is keen to determine what styles of music her studentís enjoy, and what skill levels they hope to achieve, before designing a bespoke learning programme for them. Everything is taken at the studentís pace and, if an exercise is causing a problem, she moves on to something else so that the lesson doesnít stall or become frustrating. She instinctively realises when something is not working for the student and will work around it, tackling it from a different angle until confidence is restored and another goal met. She has the patience of a saint, adapting the lessons to match my stiff fingers and inconsistent memory so that, by the end of every session, we have achieved something. I have no problem in recommending Victoria to all bass players, whatever their age or experience, as an introductory lesson for a beginner or a Masterclass for an advanced player would be equally rewarding.
Chiara Date: May 2020
I came to Victoria as a complete beginner to bass and felt so encouraged by her from the start. She has the ability to tailor the teaching to you and your interests which makes it far easier to stay motivated and focused. Technical elements and theory are taught in such a way that they never feel laborious or uninteresting, rather they feel integrated into a wider and deeper understanding of the instrument. Victoriaís combination of friendly and encouraging manner and incredible knowledge and skill make her an amazing teacher. Ē
Carolyn Date: May 2020
Iíve been having bass lessons with Victoria for over 4 years now. I restarted playing in my 30ís after a few years gap, but in many ways I felt like a beginner. I have a young son and I really look forward to the sessions. Itís that cliche of having something thatís Ďjust for meí. Victoria is clearly talented, but she also has lots of other qualities that contribute to making her such a brilliant teacher. There is a genuine warmth to her and she has a good natured, patient, low-key approach that suits me perfectly. I always end the lesson feeling uplifted and inspired.
Dixie Date: June 2020
Victoria really helped to push my development in bass playing & broadened my knowledge of the theory significantly. she was always patient and encouraging when I didnít quite grasp something & made sure by the end of the session I would be on the way to understanding it properly. I can't recommend her enough!

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