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Miss Alana Shirley
Kerry Zurita Date: March 2016
"It is rare to come across a naturally gifted vocal coach like Alana. Not only is she brilliant and effective at developing the voice, but she makes you feel at ease and confident in your ability. Her drive and experience make her unique, dedicated and a inspirational role model to all she teaches, no matter what age."
Sandra Sarver Date: March 2016
"Since having my singing lessons with you I have found a hobby that I love and really look forward to every lesson. The shows that Iíve been a part of have been so exciting and what a lovely bunch of friends I have met along the way. Thank you so much Alana xx"
Nick Clarke Date: March 2016
"Prior to Alana I was a nervous wreck and started singing to show my 10 year old son that there's nothing to be afraid of if you have a talent so, 'if daddy can do it he can'! In the last 2 years my vocals have improved considerably and, more importantly for me, my confidence. I CAN now stand in front of people and sing. My confidence has now reached an all time high, where I'm now putting together a classical/musical theatre set for events or weddings.... 3 years ago... inconceivable!"
Somasundram Gobikishna Date: March 2016
"Alana Shirley, you are second to none in the world!!! You made so many stars already and I know my daughter gonna join that team!!! Thank you Alana!!!"
Janet Belcher Date: March 2016
"My daughter joined the ASA family nearly 2 years ago. Going from a shy young girl with no confidence, to the confident grown up superstar she has become now, we owe all that to the wonderful Alana Shirley. My daughter has completed grade 2, gaining a distinction. The confidence to perform on stage has grown massively. The whole ASA group is full of friendly faces always with words of encouragement and compliments."
Georgina Mason Date: March 2016
"Alana has been instrumental (see what I did there?!) in my own personal growth as well as my vocal ability. I had never found the confidence to sing outside of the security of my car before I met Alana. She has inspired me and given me the confidence to follow my dreams, however small. I can honestly say, she has changed my life and being a part of the Alana Shirley Academy has opened me up to a whole new world of friends."
Claire Moody Date: March 2016
Alana is an incredible teacher. She somehow manages to put you at ease from the first lesson and the nerves just disappear! She is very encouraging and will always let you choose to sing whatever you desire. She is simply wonderful!"
Eva Swap Date: March 2016
"I met Alana when my work brought her in as a consultant for a video singing game we were producing and I decided to start lessons with her. That was 3 years ago and I have not looked back! She is very approachable and puts you at ease very quickly. I still cannot get over how far I have come in that time, she is an amazing teacher. Aside from marrying my husband, starting lessons with Alana has been the best thing I have done in my life!"

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