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Ms Dawn Lesley
Rachel Date: March 2014
Dawn is a brilliant teacher!! Easy to understand and always willing to demonstrate if confused. I loved my time with her, she is so patient and great at putting up with my massive amount of nerves!! Won't find a more supportive singing teacher anywhere.
Kat Date: March 2014
Dawn is one of the best voice teachers I have come across. In addition to techniques, Dawn teaches the stylistic aspect of singing, like interpretation, rendition and injecting one's individual stamp on songs. She is able to do so quite effortlessly as she is herself a very accomplished performer. Kat
Debbie Date: March 2014
"Without Dawn I wouldn't be the confident singer I am today. I remember the first time I sang in front of her and she could tell how nervous I was, but she made me feel so welcome and at home it wasn't long until I was hitting the high notes and alive with soul! (of which Dawn introduced me to the artist Jill Scott which I will forever be grateful for!) There is nothing I could ask more from a teacher and now a life long friend! " Debbie
Fabio Date: March 2014
During my early teens I struggled with my posture, breathing and overall singing, it wasn't until I met Dawn that I began to explore different sides to my voice. Dawn would often sing with me and by her using her voice taught me to really listen to mine and now I feel completely confident singing in tune. When taking classes with Dawn I had a lot of problems back home, but the minute I stepped in to her house there was a positive environment which gave me a sense of hope through the music and performance. She is a positive role model, good listener, patient, kind and determined to get you to challenge yourself as an artist and not to be afraid to achieve your goals, we would even finish later than we were mean to. I can truly say Dawn is one of a kind and I promise that if you are a beginner and you don't know how to use your voice or breathe correctly, or if you're already a singer and you want to improve your voice, Dawn is definitely the teacher to take classes with, she will make what you pay well worth it! - Fabio
Jessica Date: March 2014
Dawn taught me from the age of 12, for 5 years and not only did she develop my voice to a very high standard, she also boosted my confidence a great deal. Her phenomenal training led me to reaching the final of a West Midlands singing competition and has recently, led to me auditioning for and getting into a new, up and coming girl band! Her patience, understanding and uplifting, fun personality provides the best ingredients for a perfect teacher and not only does she teach with excellence, she also develops a relationship with you and makes you feel the best you possibly can, vocally and as a person! I will be forever grateful to Dawn for every single opportunity or achievement in my singing career and I believe she is the best singing teacher anyone could possibly wish for - Jessica Daniels
Keyoni Date: March 2014
My name is Keyoni and I began my singing tuition with Dawn a few years ago. She is such a lovely warm and welcoming person. I was instantly put as ease and felt like she adapted perfectly to my needs as a singer not only listening but also suggesting things. Her teaching is second to none, her knowledge of singing and the delivery of her lessons are the best I have come across. Dawn made getting to those high or low notes achievable for me and my confidence increased greatly. Dawn has a way of getting the very best from me and my voice that I will be eternally grateful for.
Alan Date: April 2014
When I first met Dawn, I was a quiet boy who lacked confidence but always loved to sing. Dawn brought out the best in me, she helped me grow from being a quiet young boy to a man who realised he could sing and sing with confidence. To this day I thank her for the confidence she has given me.
Sophie Date: April 2014
Dawn taught my son singing from the age of 7 to 13. He loved every minute of his lessons and couldn't wait to see her each week. Dawn made the lessons engaging and interesting and she very skilfully brought out the very best in Jasper. She is warm, friendly and encouraging and a very knowledgeable and skilled teacher. Jasper went from being a little boy who loved to sing to a highly accomplished singer who achieved distinction at all his grades through to grade 8 and has just been awarded a music scholarship at Oxford. He could not have done this without Dawn's professional guidance and teaching. Dawn blends technical know-how and her own talent with warmth, humour and kindness. She is a truly excellent teacher.
Ralph Date: September 2014
Thanks for the lesson today. I have been singing all afternoon and can sing stuff that I couldn't before! I feel much free-er and confident singing now, thanks again! {I felt I had to add this text I received today, as it's a wonderful testimonial, to how much my work means to me}
Dave Date: October 2015
Listening to this recording, I can hear just how far I have come since starting with you. As I explained this morning, I am starting to have real faith in my abilities as a singer and, to quote a lyric “I owe it all to you”!

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