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Mr Alan Kirkham
Mr Alan Kirkham
Jane Legg Date: December 2014
Brilliant guitar tutor with a true love of teaching and music.
Mr S Carmody Date: December 2014
After a couple of years strumming away to myself I somehow found Alan, who has shone a light on the whole process. The eureka moment came in lesson 2 when I suddenly realised that the mystical world of real music isn't entirely mystical after all. Alan's methods incorporate understanding of the why, which helps to make sense of the how. It's fascinating. It's also incredible that I can jam along to YouTube backing tracks as if I can play properly, not just strum chords as the rest of the house cringes.
Eilona & Adrian Skillcom Date: December 2014
At ages sixty five and sixty nine you might think we were too 'long in the tooth' to begin learning to play a guitar and a ukulele. Although we longed to learn we didn't have the confidence to try. Alan Kirkham came along and convinced us otherwise and within two months we actually wrote a song and played it! Alan advised Adrian to change to a slide guitar because of stiffness in his fingers and after that he simply took off! Alan is an encourager and a great teacher and inspires his pupils to reach whatever level they want to aspire to. We highly recommend Alan's teaching; he has brought the joys of learning and music into our retirement years. Eilona and Adrian Skillcorn.
Chris Rumsey Date: December 2014
I first came across Alan when he was giving free lessons for an art project to a group at Balby library, which included my grandson. Since then Alan has rekindled a love of playing guitar. He is a true teacher with bags of patience and he encourages you to achieve your personal aims. His methods are not rigid and he strives to bring out the best to your own personal style. Alanís enthusiasm is endless. If you want something explaining, he will explain it and he seems to have an amazing knowledge of various styles of music. I love working with Alan and am currently receiving lessons. I highly recommend him. Chris Rumsey
Tom O' Shea Date: January 2015
Alan has taken me from beginner to intermediate and I continue to improve under his expert instruction. He teaches us as a group and we continue to improve learning both technique and theory. He tailors his teaching method to suit the group as a whole and individuals nurturing their talent and skill and keeping their enthusiasm ignited. In Alan their is the rare spark of enthusiasm a love of music and the ability to pass on his knowledge to others taking them as far as they want and most of all to learn to enjoy music. Tom O' Shea
Michael Date: January 2015
I have been playing guitar on and off for 30 years, but it is only now through meeting Alan and experiencing his well-structured and easily understood teaching methods that I've started to understand the guitar and so improve my playing, and through this I've re-awakened the love of guitar that I felt in my twenties. Alan also teaches my 13 year old daughter classical guitar, and she has made more progress in a couple of months than her school has made in three years. Alan is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher who is able to impart his knowledge to any ability of student without them feeling pressured. His method of teaching is infectious; you want to learn more... Mick
Christina Date: January 2015
Alan is a great gifted teacher gave me the encouragement to pick up the guitar after a minor stroke and found a guitar i could play with having difficulties playing normal chords. He gives encouragement all the time and has a lot of patience.
Emma Date: January 2015
Alan is a really kind and patient teacher whose lovely personality makes him flexible to teach all ages and skill levels. He is great at both one to one teaching and group lessons with a teaching method that means no one gets left behind or held back and his wide knowledge in music and openness to new techniques and information give him the able to teach a wide variety of instruments. Other than that all I can say is you couldnt ask for a better or nicer teacher who brings with him such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that whether your a serious musician or just learning for fun you feel welcomed and ready to learn.
John Date: January 2015
Thank you for the ongoing series of lessons you have given me. I have learn enough to try various worship songs myself and now can play by myself or with others. You Have given me a real interest in music, rhythms and chords. You have help to demystify the whole subject. Yours John Watson
David Date: February 2015
I have been playing guitar for a while and through that time have played in bands developing my own style and technique. Only skimming over the surface of theory and filling in the rest by ear. Just knowing enough to find my way around the guitar. But over time this has led me back to the same chord shapes and basic scales, making my own compositions and jamming a bit predictable. Alan has really opened up the fret board for me, bringing understanding to the relationships between chords, scales and their respective keys. He has provided a tailored array of new chord positions, scales, modes and pathways up and down the neck. Presented in a steady flow of information with patience, encouragement and an in depth knowledge of music to support any questions I may have. I thoroughly recommend Alan for a guitarist at any stage of learning to help unlock any hidden potential.
Tory Date: March 2015
Writing this is a pleasure. Since beginning to learn to play guitar with Alan as my very able tutor, I have progressed at an amazing rate. The lessons also include the vital consolidation needed in such a way that playing is enjoyable from the very first lesson. My playing has already grown in confidence and Alan has proven that I am far from 'tone deaf.' Dispelling a personal myth created by early and poor school teaching, that had allowed me to think I would never be capable of learning music. I can't thank him enough for that one. Lessons are well planned and structuted and paced appropriately. Every session has been a pleasure from start to finish. I would highly recommend Alan and have found him to be a skilled and highly reliable tutor. Even teaching me as a left handed student has been no problem. Thank you Alan.
Mike Date: May 2015
So in my 70th year I decided I was going to learn a musical instrument and after listening to a radio program I decided on the Ukelele because it only had four strings. I thought that sounded easier than six and took the plunge, i bought my ukulele from the music shop. I tried YouTube and a book then i thought i definitely need a teacher, lucky for me my first choice was the right choice. Alan Kirkham a more patient and encouraging teacher would be very hard to find, he very soon had me playing cords. On the first day i thought they would be impossible an hour lesson passes in a flash as he makes it interesting and fun, a very knowledgeable guy.I would recommend him to anyone from dunces like me to people with some experience who want to progress in a very pleasant atmosphere.
Laura Date: July 2016
Alan has been teaching my 9 and 6 year old daughters in ukulele, guitar and keyboard for over a year and a half. My children love their lessons and find them incredibly fun. Alan is really good at listening to them and following their lead in regards to how each lesson pans out. For example, he noticed that my eldest daughter favours playing at speed and so he worked with her on this, encouraging her to compete in a competition to achieve the fastest BPM on a chord progression and teaching her to play 'Duelling Banjos'. Alan didn't know on a weekly basis which instruments my children would be interested in playing at their lesson, yet he always succeeded at delivering a worthwhile lesson, demonstrating again his flexibility and willingness to listen to his pupil. Alan has also been incredibly supportive of my eldest daughter in taking her ukulele grading exams, helping her to achieve her best in every exam. I find Alan to to be incredibly patient with my children too, he has worked with my youngest daughter, for instance, from a very young age and has always encouraged her and worked within her frame of concentration and ability. I would definitely recommend Alan to anyone looking for a flexible, encouraging and thoughtful teacher.
Kay Date: July 2016
My 7 year old son was keen to try guitar lessons so I arranged a session with Alan. From first contact, Alan was very knowledgable but relaxed with me and my son. Ethan has always been extremely shy so I was worried he wouldn't engage with the lessons but Alan was very patient and didn't push him to speak but knew how to get the information across at his level. My son had picked up a guitar before but that was all, he was the complete beginner. Now after only a few weeks he is playing to backing tunes and understands chord shapes without anything other than a chord name. Ethan is still quiet but Alan is always understanding of this and has him laughing and speaking! Alan has a good way of explaining music and a brilliant method behind his instructions by really embedding the basics early on. My son always looks forward to his session and talks about Alan regularly at home, I am so grateful to him for the way he encourages Ethan with music, it is something I have always wanted him to take up but never thought he would have the confidence for. I would definitely recommend Alan to anyone wanting to learn any instrument, I know he plays many instruments and am sure he puts the same passion through all of them.

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