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Ms Kat Browning
Lizzie Date: July 2018
Having not picked up my clarinet for a few years, I was a bit nervous about finding a teacher that would understand how to patch up my technique again. Prior to starting lessons, Katherine and I met up to discuss my playing experience and what sort of music I liked to play, so that when I turned up for the first time she had a great session planned that boosted my confidence and reignited my passion for playing music..... This proved to not just be a great introduction, as every subsequent lesson with her was planned out to the nth degree like that! Katherine is always super friendly and enthusiastic, and in 2.5 years of knowing her I've never seen her arrive for a lesson without a smile on her face. Her experiences of playing at the very highest levels have meant that she has a huge arsenal of tips and hints to develop technique and playing styles, all of which she manages to repackage so that they're super easy for less experienced players like myself to understand. She's been an absolutely great teacher and has really managed to help me re-find my love for music with her infectious enthusiasm and dedication... Thank you, Kat!!

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