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Mr Anthony Green
Tom Millichamp Date: October 2013
I decided to get some lessons after having a long break from guitar playing and chose Anthony Green as his music tastes were very similar to mine. I had never been able to compose or play guitar solos well, so asked for my lessons to focussed around this skill. Ant ensured that I learned the basics first; Pentatonic and Blues scales etc., before we progressed to Major/Minor and other more exotic scales. The lessons were always a mix of theory plus learning songs I liked to keep me encouraged. Thanks to Ant I have progressed from not being able to play solos, to playing some of my favourite Joe Satriani and Gary Moore solos! I now have the confidence to write & record my own music – I can thoroughly recommend him to any guitar player of any level.
Andy Eggington Date: October 2013
I was a one-dimensional thrasher who played for about ten minutes a day. I had just bought a quality guitar and decided that it was about time I learned to play properly. A professional tutor will show you, for example, the reasons why you can’t quite get some of the things you are trying to play: The all-important techniques that every guitarist needs. Anthony’s many years’ experience playing guitar professionally gives him a ‘got the t-shirt’ knowledge that gives you not only the theory but how to put that theory into practice. I would certainly recommend professional guitar tuition if you want to learn to play or improve yourself as a musician.
Alistair Gill Date: October 2013
If you are looking for a guitar teacher then don’t hesitate to call Anthony, I would highly recommend him! I was a complete beginner when I started having lessons with Anthony, having never played an instrument before! That didn’t matter! He had me playing simple chords and a song by the end of my first lesson. Since then he has helped me to pass my Rockschool exams from Debut Grade through to Grade 2. The lessons are always fun and he has taught me how to read both music and guitar tablature. Sometimes we work on exam pieces, but other weeks we learn new songs. Lessons are also very reasonably priced.
Matt Jones Date: October 2013
Although I have played in bands for many years, my playing was in a rut, I couldn’t seem to improve. Things changed for me because I started to enjoy learning again. I was in a friendly, relaxed environment being shown tricks and new stuff that has drastically improved my ability and confidence on stage. The most valuable thing for me about having lessons with Ant is that each lesson is like jamming and talking with a mate – no pressure or stuffiness, just fun! I would definitely recommend professional tuition – there is nothing like being shown face to face.
Sean Collins Date: October 2013
Before I began my lessons I’d find playing guitar a chore and giving me more frustration than fun. Working with a tutor helped me greatly, before I was trying to learn out of a book, but being able to sit one on one to watch how its done and then to be shown just made everything click so much quicker. Ant was always very patient with me, but constantly driving me to conquer a technique I’d be struggling with. I would definitely recommend guitar tuition to people, because I saw a great improvement in my abilities and understanding whilst undergoing teaching that I just cant get from videos or books.
Ross Wearing Date: October 2013
Prior to taking lessons from Anthony, I found that I was ‘stuck in a rut’ using the same scales, modes and techniques without any forward momentum. Working with a tutor has had a significant impact on the ‘efficiency of learning’. For example – the ability to focus on the correct aspects of both technical and musical playing which as a result, enables the most time productive route to improvement. He has the ability to cover all elements of guitar technique, style, theory and general musicianship. Ant can also provide a wealth of knowledge for gigging musicians based on his many years playing as a professional guitarist in a range of bands and musical styles. Professional guitar tuition from Ant comes highly recommended!
David Dalziel Date: October 2013
The dedication, enthusiasm, love and patience that Anthony has for playing guitar and tuition is so infectious. Personally it drives me to be a better guitar player. I’m so proud to be a pupil of his guitar school. Each week I can’t wait for my next lesson. Long may it continue. Thanks a million Anthony.

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